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Leave it to Cardi B to make hits even in the midst of a global pandemic! The “Cardi B Coronavirus Remix” is a streaming sensation. However, not without some controversy.  How did this come to be? Over a week ago at the outset of the health crisis, Cardi B took to her Instagram account to provide her thoughts on the pandemic. A Brooklyn DJ named iMarkkeyz sampled a snippet of the video, set it to a beat and some creative video clips. An online viral sensation was born.

The remix was released to the major digital streaming platforms and took off. It is number one in several countries on iTunes and trending on Spotify. Now, some may critique the remix as tone deaf. Especially given the current state of affairs. However, of the sensation he created iMarkkeyz told Genius News “it drives me more, to make people feel good when they are having a bad day.” After seeing the audience of a night club in Rio de Janeiro bumping to the track Cardi B indicated she believes she is entitled to royalties.

It seems iMarkkeyz agrees. The DJ is currently in talks with Cardi B’s representatives to hammer out, not just an arrangement to compensate the artists, but for proceeds from the track to be donated to those adversely effected by the COVID-19 crisis. Something both artists are on board with.

In the meantime see and hear what all the hoopla is about. Check out the “Cardi B Coronavirus Remix”.

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