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Life is tough, for sure. We find ways of assisting our minds and bodies to get us through day to day life. Yet, it isn’t always so simple to just click your fingers and have incredibly mental health. Our mental health takes work, just as our physical health does. It’s easier to go to the gym, work hard on creating a great healthy lean body. However, our minds have to be shaped in new ways, and sometimes we stray off the path.

You may know someone at the moment who is vulnerable. You may be concerned about them. What are the key signs to look out for if you’re worried about someone? Well, intuition can tell you straight away. Are they acting differently? Have they lost weight or are they withdrawn? These types of things immediately ring alarm bells but there are things you can do to help them. 


Are they depressed? Depression takes many forms and can manifest differently in different people. Some people may be predisposed to drinking or to self harm, others may take the approach of denial and forget to self care and not want to admit there’s a problem. Both are very damaging. If you suspect someone is withdrawn from society and they’re not acting like themselves, perhaps they are anxious all of a sudden, or not answering calls or texts, actions speak louder than words and it’s vital to make sure you physically check up on them. Point them in the direction of some groups and help online or on the phone that they can talk to.  Ask them what you can do to help and that you’re there for them.

Self Care

Are they not taking care of themselves? If you suspect they may not be eating or they have started drinking then this is a serious problem that needs to be rectified. Perhaps they have begun taking drugs and in that case, it’s important to look out for the signs of cocaine use. Are they asking for money, are they acting differently and do they seem overly hyper or with a huge personality shift. These can all be signs that they’re not taking care of themselves.

Behaving out of Character

Have they started engaging in crime or hanging around with new people; sometimes new people can have an impact on the vulnerable. Are they doing things that they wouldn’t usually do? It may be difficult for you to come right out and broach the subject but discreetly asking them what’s going on may make them talk. Speak to their nearest and dearest, see if they too have seen any change.

Don’t let someone’s mental health decline to the point of no return. Suicide rates are higher than ever. There is help available and it’s vital that if you know of someone who is vulnerable and someone who you’re worried about to let them know. Look at their life, has something catastrophic happened to put them on this path? Has someone died or have they suffered a break up, these are all things to look at. 

After all, part of being a ‘LLERO means knowing when and how to help another in need.

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