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We live in a time where working out and staying fit are very in vogue, but very challenge when confined to the four corners of your home. If you’ve never been one for exercise, it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to pull your running shoes on and get going. Still, you know you want to get into shape, you want that rush of endorphins that comes from a fantastic run, and you want to see the results. The thing is, you won’t see any results unless you start and do it. So, if you’re struggling for motivation, here is some advice on how you can kick yourself into action. 


Keep a Goal In Mind

Everyone should have a goal when it comes to getting fit, healthy, and working out. This gives you accountability, and if you don’t workout or exercise, you’ll never reach your goal. 

On days where you don’t want to workout or can’t find the motivation to do so, remember why you started getting into shape in the first place. These goals could be so you can run a marathon, attract the cutie’s attention at your gym, or don’t feel like a total slob every day. 

Whatever the goal, it’s your personal goal, so keep it in mind and use it to push yourself whenever you’re just not feeling it. 


Keep Motivated Company

Often, people need others to push them to get motivated and exercise or workout. If you go through your fitness regime alone, then it’s easy to convince yourself that you have too much to do to make time to exercise. However, by bringing someone else into the fold, neither of you will want to be the one to say ‘no’.

This transforms the idea of a workout into a game of chicken. If you’re a competitive person, then you’ll want to be the one always ready for a workout. Even on those days where the thought of a workout fills you with dread, you will find that your motivated workout partner helps you feel more at ease, and when you get to the workout, you’ll realize it’s not so bad at all. During these times, that can be a challenge. But not impossible, try meeting up with your partner virtually, via FaceTime or other streaming platforms in order to keep in touch and stay on track.


Give Yourself a Reward

Everyone loves a reward, whether it’s treating yourself to a movie after you get home (and shower) from the gym, splurging, perhaps counterproductively, on some greasy fast food, or chilling on the sofa with your buds and some ghost bubba, you will feel like you’ve earned it. 

In most cases, you may feel so pumped up from your workout that the reward was only a motivator and not a prize at all. You might find that by the time you finish that, you’re not interested in anything else and want to carry on being productive, and if so, well done you.


Reaping the Benefits

We know that getting started on a health and fitness journey can be difficult at first, and there will be plenty of days early on where you don’t care to and finding excuses not to exercise. However, if you want to reap the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings, it’s always worth persevering. Eventually, you’ll actually enjoy putting yourself through these activities.

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