When it comes down to it, Christmas shopping can be very hard to get done. Not only are you usually in a rush around the shops, but there’s a thousand other shoppers getting in your way! And this chain of events is topped off by the fact that you don’t know what to buy in the first place! 

Which is why this post exists in the first place. If you’re in need of a bit of help over what to buy for the people you love this Christmas time, it’s key to start with what they love in turn. Because when you can buy something that’s related to a person’s hobbies, they’re going to love and appreciate the gift you’ve placed in their hands, and at heart, that’s what you want from Christmas day! 

So here’s a quick list of questions to ask yourself before you go out and purchase anything. Be sure you’ve thought about them in length before you settle into spending your hard earned money. 


Are They Artistic?

Quite a few people are, even if they don’t know it! After all, we all have our own ways to be creative, and even if you just like to use an adult coloring book from time to time, it’s important to be cater to that part of you. It’s good for your brain, most of all! 

But if you do have a notably artistic person in your life, why not buy them something to do with the pursuit they love? 

If they love to draw and paint, a new set of canvases and brushes will always go down a treat. Artists always go through these tools first, so it’ll be nice to receive a top up on Christmas day. You could also buy them their first easel, if they’re always complaining about not having enough room to sit down and paint at the same time – it’ll be nice to stretch out their back and legs whilst furiously painting away! 

If they’re a writer, they might love a new notebook, with gilding and a fancy binding around the edges. They might even like a new set of pens and pencils to write on the go with, or maybe they’d enjoy a subscription to a literature podcast series, or a new library card that allows them to take out a book or two whenever they want. Sometimes that’s cheaper than just buying the books for themselves! 


Perhaps They Like Cars?

We all have at least one person like this in our lives. They love their car, and they breathe everything automobile. They watch Tesla reveal videos on Youtube and they buy every car related magazine that’s available on the market. All in all, they’re a bit of a vehicle nut, and they’ve started up a fund of their own to one day buy one of those big, flashy cars we hear about all the time in the adverts. 

Maybe you could help with that? Even just presenting them with a loaded gift card, or a bit of cash for Christmas to put towards their fund could mean a lot to them. It shows them you believe in their dream, even if a lot of people think it outlandish. And it’ll definitely help the Christmas spirit go further!

But if you like to buy tangible gifts, and you think cash in hand is a bit boring, you can always buy them something related to their car. Maybe you could even buy them a few small things here and there, that’ll add up together to something lovely. Start with a choice of custom car fresheners, in the shape and scent of something you know they’d love to hand off of a rear view mirror. Then you could buy them some nerdy seat covers, covered in characters and art from a film or TV series they love. 

Mix aspects of their hobbies together like this, and you’ll have something that both looks nice and is practical for them to use! 


Maybe They’re an Outdoor-sy Person?

If they are, getting them a pair of new boots or wind-break coat would be wonderful. After all, if they’re outdoors as often as possible, they’re going to need some new equipment from time to time, and this equipment will need to suit all weather possibilities! Make sure what you buy them is waterproof, at the very least. 

You might also want to buy them some survival gear, seeing as they spend a lot of their time down in the woods or exploring the nearest national park. It’s always good to have a proper survival torch, and a consistently stocked trail mix pack to carry in their backpack, and it’ll be a lovely way to show them how much you care for them at Christmas time. 

At the same time, you could always spend a bit more cash to send them on a walking or hiking vacation of their dreams. They’ll love to have the trip paid for for them, of course, but it also leaves a gap for you to go with them – if you’re particularly close, as you have a sisterly relationship or they’re your significant other, this will be a great way to form some memories you both will love to look back on. 

But if it’s not your thing, they’ll be absolutely astounded you’d pay for such a trip in the first place. It’ll really go down a treat!


What’s the Takeaway Here? 

If you want to buy some good Christmas gifts this year, be sure to take the time and patience with each and every decision. But most of all, be sure to look into people’s hobbies, and buy them something related to what they love to get up to. 

It doesn’t matter how silly or insignificant their interests might seem – if it matters to them this much, they’ll love to see that returned on Christmas day! 

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