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The current working generation bring with them numerous digital skills and various levels within those skills. Demands of the current job market reflect this. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe want to hire people who know what they’re doing in the cyber realm. Experience with using a popular CMS like WordPress, navigating the whims of an AI program like ChatGPT, the ability to taskmaster the entirety of the Microsoft suite. These are all skills employers are looking for in 2024. 

So, how many of them match up to what’s on your resume? If you’d like to change your career in the near future, or you need to find a new job as soon as possible, it’s worth it to start investing in the points down below. 


There are More Jobs in Digital Adjacent Sectors Than Ever

Yes, even with the rise of AI! From social media managers and blog content creators to content editing team leaders. There’s a job title for everything involved in the online sphere these days. That’s very good news for the current job market, and the one we’re expecting to see in 2025 and beyond. 

After all, it means there’s a stronger focus on talent acquisition and ensuring you have the right players on your team. Take that into account when you’re refining your resume for the future. People want the specifics of what you can do, what’ve you done, and what you believe in. If you’re visible in this way, you’ve got the chance to bring in double the amount of work for only half the effort. 


The Better Your Digital Comprehension, the Faster You’ll Work

If you’ve got digital skills, you’re going to get things done fast. You’re going to be more productive without even trying to be.  Simply because you know how to locate a file, how to recover work after a glitch, and how to use the net safely. 

Take touch typing as a good example of this. If you can type upwards of 70 words a minute without even needing to look at the keyboard, you’re going to complete a task in under half the time it’ll take someone who has no idea where to put their fingers. And in the younger generation that are starting to move into the market, this is a growing problem


Digital Marketing is One of the Biggest Advertising Channels

Digital marketing is currently worth over $300 billion, and this number is only growing. Seeing as half of the global population is online every single day, it only makes sense that companies are investing in putting adverts right where peoples’ eyes are. If you’ve even got a bit of technological skill under your belt, that means there’s plenty of income to go around! 

There are hundreds of digital marketing jobs being posted every single day, and you could be the perfect candidate for any of them. To apply, you just need to believe in your digital skills and have a resume that’ll back you up. 


To Safeguard Against Online Scams and Misinformation

This is quite possibly the number one reason you should invest in your digital skills for the future. Hackers and scammers are coming up with more and more intricate methods through which to steal your data and money. So you need to be able to spot a scam from the moment it crops up in the HTML. 

You should also keep an eye out for misinformation, disinformation, and work on your digital literacy. Knowing how to navigate the online world is more than simply knowing how to use a browser. You should be able to dig into content, see where it came from, what agenda the creator may have, and even why the piece has been published at this time. 


To Ensure Your Creativity is Adaptable

If you’re a creative person, you’re going to have a lot of craft skills under your belt already. Things like scrapbooking, pencil drawing or the use of watercolors are all great creative skills. But proving you can apply these skills to digital applications will help your resume to stand out above any other. 

Craft skills are technical skills in disguise. When there’s talent there, it can be refined into a digital skill that any company would find useful. If you can draw, you can learn to use programs like Photoshop or applications like Canva without much trouble. When there’s raw talent on offer, training programs have a much better chance of success. 


Remote Work is Becoming the Norm

Working remotely was essential to keeping companies running during the pandemic. Because of this, plenty of companies have jumped on the train of using work from home teams in the long term. After all, you don’t need to be in the office every single day, but you do need to maintain a communication channel with the team you’ve built. Remote working allows for both. 

This also has a green impact on the environment as well. The digital age has brought in a wealth of green initiatives and allows local communities the chance to spend time working in a healthy manner, rather than pumping more emissions into the atmosphere than it has the chance to deal with. 

Interestingly, companies who focus on this sustainability factor also have a lower rate of employee turnover. 


The Future of Work and You

A focus on your digital skills is a focus on the future. If you’d like to expand your portfolio or move into a different career, make sure you’re investing in this side of your talent. Virtually everyone can use a computer; but not everyone can use all the programs and applications involved. But if the background skills are already there, you’re going to succeed where many others may still need to expand. 

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