Because of its subjectiveness, confidence is a construct that is difficult to define. Part of its allure is that possessing it can be quite fluid, full of ebb and flows. Yet many of us know when we have it, crave it or have lost it. Some days we sit comfortably in the belly of it. Other days we can become paralyzed by the lack of, or loss of it.

We all experience periods of self-doubt and crippling fear that shadow our confidence. Having confidence and consistently maintaining it is like permanently grabbing a bull by the horns. It is seemingly impossible. What is possible is the ability to apply simple techniques in our lives that can create deep shifts when we experience a crisis of confidence. Below are five practical and applicable full proof strategies.

Yield to Your Inner Circle

When we feel stuck and our confidence dips, it is the responsibility of our inner circle to carry, elevate and move us through. Remind of us our greatness and our power. Confidence is like a well. It will run dry at times and our core supporters serve as the reservoir from which we drink and replenish. Being vulnerable and reaching out to specific friends and family can facilitate a swift pendulum swing towards regaining and sustaining self-confidence.

Cast of Entourage- A

Remember Your Accomplishments

When we are in spaces of doubt they are usually accompanied by negative feelings about ourselves that are triggered by our thoughts. A proven way to shift yourself towards confidence is to remember a time – a graduation, a speech you gave, a promotion you earned – that you felt your best or a sense of accomplishment. Sit in that space and transport yourself there. By doing this, positive feelings and thoughts about yourself will resurface that will facilitate a powerful and deep confidence shift.


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José is the Executive Director of GRIOT Circle, the only staffed non-profit organization in the country that provides social services to LGBTQ elders of color. José is a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach and a trained psychotherapist. As his writing angles are diverse, he often writes about personal development and growth. His most recent book, which he co-authored, The Happy Law Practice: Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind, can be found on Amazon. José holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University at Albany, an MA in Education and Human Development with a concentration in Community Counseling from The George Washington University, an Advanced Certificate in Executive Leadership and Non Profit Management from NYU and received his Certification as a Professional Life Coach from The Institute from Professional Excellence in Coaching.

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