Ricky Renuncia! That’s been the chant coming from thousands of protestors in the streets of Puerto Rico. Citizens are demanding that Governor Ricardo Rosselló resign. Everyone from teachers to students, retirees and celebrities are tired of the governments behavior. The Puerto Rico protests started Sunday July 14th and have been growing in size and intensity. What started as a few hundred people has ballooned to a reported 100,000 in just a few days. Despite the demands Rosselló insists he will not resign.  

“I recognize the challenge before me for recent controversies, but I firmly believe that it is possible to restore confidence and that we can, after this painful and painful process, achieve reconciliation,” he said in a statement responding to the July 18th protests.

Here is what you should know about what’s been happening in Puerto Rico.

The corruption scandal that started the fire

Last week the former Secretary of Education, the former Puerto Rico Health insurance administration head, as well as several others were arrested by the FBI. They are charged with money laundering, fraud and other counts for allegedly embezzling $15.5 million.

#RickyLeaks comes to light

Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism published private chats between Ricardo Roselló and 11 members of his inner circle. The transcripts—almost 900 pages— included homophobic, misogynistic and callous comments about citizens, celebrities, and others who critiqued his administration. There were plans to discredit journalists and threats of violence against political opponents like San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. Since the release of the transcripts several members of Rosselló’s administration involved have resigned.

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