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Orlando Leyba’s brand of comedy is derived from the perspective of a “domesticated” man, which is what you will see during his Entre Nos set, as he explained that he will be discussing the extremely important topic of personal safety. You know, what domesticated men typically worry about.

“I worry about my safety a lot. I just don’t like to get into trouble, so I worry about streets being well-lit and about self-defense, even though I’m not built for fighting. I’m built for hugging,” he joked.

Always known as the funny guy in his circles, it was Leyba’s wife who suggested that he should take “the stupidness” that he continuously bothered her with to the stand-up stage—and he did just that. Since stepping on stage almost a decade ago, Leyba has appeared in Gotham Live, the Laughing Skull Comedy Fest, the SiriusXM Comedy Fest, and he was even a finalist on NBC StandUp.

Leyba’s induction into the Entre Nos roster came after the show’s producer, Edwin Licona, watched Leyba performing at the Westside Comedy Theater in California.

“I was being me on stage, and he was like, ‘I like him.’ And, he asked Aida Rodriguez about me, and Aida was the ultimate cosign. I believe her words to him were, ‘If you don’t have him on, then you’re stupid.’ And, I always thank her for that,” Leyba told ‘LLERO.

To Leyba, Entre Nos has become a palpable presence in the world of comedy because he believes that they’ve tapped into an audience that is often overlooked.

“Entre Nos is delivering high-quality stand-up comedians, and to a different level, where it’s being catered to Latinos that, yeah, we watched Sábado Gigante, but we’re American,” the Dominican-American comedian explained. “Entre Nos is catering to this whole demographic and new generation of Latino-Americans who either have been here, they grew up here or they were born here.”

Whatever it is that has made the Entre Nos stock rise – whether it’s their talent for finding funny individuals from all walks of life or their ability to tap into the overlooked young Latino-American market – one thing is for sure, Entre Nos is steadily becoming one of the hottest stand-up comedy specials to watch. And, on Friday, March 30th at 9:30 p.m. you can tune into HBO Latino and discover why.

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