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The coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe has led to more people working from home or not working at all for a while. Yet, it has allowed them to think about other career options.

If the crisis has made you think about your job and maybe encouraged you to start something new, here are some tips to help you on your way:

Think About Your Current Job Situation

Spending some time before you jump into something new and evaluating your current job situation is essential. There is little point leaving one job that makes you feel unhappy or unfulfilled to go to another job that leaves you feeling the same. Keep a journal of how you feel about your role at the end of each day. Look for recurring patterns or themes. Do you always feel more negative on a particular day of the week? Are your problems with the people you work with? Perhaps it is the tasks that you have to undertake? Pinpointing the issues that you have will help you to be more prepared.

Assess Your Interests, Skills and Qualifications

Look at your past roles, both paid and voluntary, and the skills that you have gained from them. Consider whether your core values and skills are addressed through your current career. Or whether it is time for a completely different thing together. For example, did you do a fair amount of numbers crunching in your role and discover you have a knack for financial analysis. If you want to pursue it. This may involve taking exams or classes such as the CPA Live Classes to get you to where you want to be.

Shadow Someone in the Industry

One of the best ways to get an idea of what a job is like is to spend some time shadowing someone in the field and observe the role first hand. This may be a few hours or a few days. It also gives you the chance to talk to people about how they feel about their job and the paths they took to get into it.

Ask for Help

It is important not to make any hasty decisions. So before you leap into a whole new career switch, get some advice. Talk to people in your industry. They may be able to give you other ideas that are easier, and you are suited to – and people in the jobs that you are thinking about going to. A career coach can also be helpful. They can look at the skills that you have and what you want from a job and work out the best plan of action for you. 

Tidy Up Your Resume

While you are doing your research and networking, take some time to tidy up your resume. An organized, well-created resume and cover letter will significantly increase the chances of a career switch. What new skills can you add on there that you have picked up in your current role? How can you show your personality while remaining professional?

If the coronavirus pandemic has you thinking about new careers and job options. Put some of these tips into practice. Perhaps you can turn all the negative this pandemic has created into a positive – namely, a career switch that leads to the job of your dreams.

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