La Isla del Encanta – Puerto Rico, offers more than its legendary beauty and vibrant culture. For those that indulge in libations, the spirit most synonymous with Puerto Rico is rum. This distilled alcoholic beverage has deep roots throughout the island as production first started in the 1700’s. Puerto Rican rums are unique as they are legally required to be aged for a minimum of one year. Distributed by Serrallés, DonQ remains the island’s most popular rum and with good reason. “Their commitment to rum excellence is apparent throughout each of their selections all at very economical prices” says Robert Garcia owner of El Viejo Yayo Brooklyn.

Founded in 1932, DonQ was named after the protagonist of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. Their formula for success is an intricate one. Sugarcane is first crushed and boiled as molasses is the base ingredient. It is then diluted with water to start the fermentation into yeast. The yeast naturally transforms the sugars into alcohol in which the resulting liquid is distilled, aged, blended and bottled to make ready for consumption.

Each DonQ Rum has its’ own profile and accompanying characteristics. The result of these family recipes is a product portfolio that is strong, but with great variety.

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