Mayans M.C. has matured as the season has progressed. It appears they no longer feel the need to open with shock value, a la a kill or blowing stuff up in order to captivate the audience. In the opening moments of the season finale we see EZ ride by a couple of crows eating a dog carcass. Quite symbolic of the big reveal at the end of the episode. All season long, EZ’s biggest bother has been finding the person or persons who killed his mother; well, we get a major clue and it ties in one of our favorite brothers from Charming. In cartel land, we also see mama Galindo make the inquiry about Devante. To which Miguel Galindo simply replies, “were moving forward”. It’s all she needs to hear to know what happened. And so, opens Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul.

Over at the Reyes household EZ stops by Felipe’s shop to let him know he and Angel’s predicament – Lincoln Potter’s first assignment – kill their cousin Kevin. Felipe figures it out with a quickness. EZ further shares it’s has to be done by end of the day, otherwise he’s back in the clink. Felipe shows a steady hand for EZ in these stormy times. Felipe makes EZ promise him to stand down, until Felipe gives him word.

Felipe invites Kevin over for a chat. Makes some inquiries about him losing his badge and quickly connects the dots to Potter, but just as Felipe is prepared to do the deed himself, Kevin has moment of truth, he comes clean about his love for his family. Felipe is moved, and Kevin gets to live another day. Or so we think. Shortly thereafter, Angel pays a visit to Felipe, who breaks down and lets him know what went down. Angel tells Felipe to stand down and lets him know he’ll handle it. Coincidentally EZ is telling Lincoln Potter the same.

EZ and Angel both make a dash for Kevin’s house. In a spate of cross-fire EZ ends up taking out Kevin’s boss, while Angel handles Kevin. Then in saunters Lincoln Potter in Dr. Evil mode to share how he may or may have not orchestrated it all. On clean up detail EZ and Angel share their true feelings on how things went down and reminisce when Angel makes the demand. After we clean this up. Turn in your cut. Leave the club and club life behind. Get a fresh start.

At the Galindo’s things are seemingly calmer. Miguel downloads to Nestor, his head of security that is being demoted and a new counsel will be coming in. Meanwhile, in Emily’s world, Mama Galindo gets a word in with Emily – you knew this was coming. But Emily puts on her. She isn’t’ having it. The torch has been passed.

As Angel instructed, he has a word with Bishop and other club elite. What they talked about???? EZ pulled a fast one, asked Bishop to sponsor him. Have the bylaws changed to ensure “blood can’t sponsor blood”. Yet, another brother does turn in his cut, Alvarez – El Padrino from Oakland – is going private and will be new counsel for the Cartel.

Angel and EZ have a word where EZ tells him he’s earned this patch and that he’s got to stop running. Unfortunately, EZ’s optimism is short-lived. At the end of the episode, the Mayans were joined by a few SAMCRO members, including Sons of Anarchy character Happy Lowman, who will be supplying the Galindo cartel with guns. All of the Mayans were thrilled to see Happy and his SAMCRO crew, except for EZ. As we learned via flashback in the finale’s closing moments, Happy is the man responsible for killing EZ’s mother eight years ago.

Sutter, did a great job in flipping the pieces of the puzzle in the finale and looks like they have set up Season 2 to be a doozy.

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