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If you meet someone new, you want to give that relationship a fair chance. This is why you must be honest about your budding romance as soon as possible. Vicky Barrios, a 34-year-old Ph.D. student and blogger of, received this courtesy of her “friend,” C. They had been in a FWB relationship for months, until she received a text. “He said he appreciated our time together and appreciated me, but he felt strongly about letting me know that he met someone and wanted to give this person a chance,” Barrios recalls. “I was stunned at first because I had always been the one to say, ‘I can’t do this anymore; I met someone.’ Still, even though I was disappointed, I was really impressed by his maturity and thoughtfulness in being upfront with me. I wish all guys could do that,” Barrios concludes.

Yes, being upfront is almost necessary in this kind of affair. The clearer we are with our “friends” the less complicated the relationship will be. Feelings may come into play, which is why you must state the obvious – this isn’t a real relationship.

Be Clear This Isn’t a Relationship

Know this much gentlemen: no matter what they say some women may go into a FWB relationship hoping for a romantic connection. ‘Will this become a relationship?’ they wonder. It hardly ever does become that. This doesn’t mean feelings won’t be hurt and expectations won’t be dashed. “A Friends with Benefits relationship is one that is compartmentalized,” Barrios explains. “There are times you are just platonic. Then, when alone, you can be intimate,” she continued. “Women don’t always think in this way. That’s why expectations must be set from the very beginning.”

So, can a Friend with Benefits really work or is it just too complicated? You be the judge. As you wink at a girl that is your friend when experiencing a drought, keep these points in mind.



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