To a degree, we are kind of alone in the universe. No one knows precisely the way you think, feel or act. No one will ever completely know you inside out. The rules that surround us to an extent dictate how we are and who we are. But it’s not enough to live by these rules if you want to be truly happy. Men and women have their own pressures in social situations, such as feeling they need to keep face or to fit in, this one can have a devastating impact on your well-being. But now, as people’s individuality, beliefs, sexuality, and mental health issues are increasingly rising to the surface in all shapes and sizes, we can all sigh in relief that the freedom to be your authentic self is becoming a little bit easier than it was yesterday. This is so much healthier for yours and everyone else’s well-being.

Limits and Capabilities

Finding yourself doesn’t happen at a particular age. You may notice things step by step as you plod along. From here, you start to understand what your cut-off and carry-on points are. But knowing yourself in certain circumstances of what you can and can’t do is just part of the situation. The next important part is acting on it. Whether stopping yourself before you say something you’ll regret, realizing when the signs of alcoholism are creeping up on you again so that you can prevent yourself from spiraling. Or asking for an extra load of work because you know you have the time and thrive under pressure. Understanding and enforcing your limits and capabilities will do wonders for your well-being to keep you both happy and safe.

You Begin To Aspire

When we have a path to follow, this sense of direction and purpose to live by can do wonders to improve your well-being, in turn, fueling motivation and ambition. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, reaching this destination takes time. It shouldn’t be rushed as the journey to getting to know what you want is actually the more important part. For example, it’s the work you put into trial and error different courses, jobs, hobbies, relationships, you’ll make a lot of mistakes and hopefully, learn from them. Then you gradually begin to establish what is and isn’t worth your time. For instance, your gut may be telling you to leave a toxic relationship or to live abroad in Japan. There’s no set route for you to follow, it can be wild, unruly, trying and painful, but it’s all in the name of finding you and shall do wonders for supporting your well-being.

When you find something out about yourself, whether you feel it’s minor or groundbreaking, write it down, keep it and reflect on it to see how much you have progressed and learned since, If there’s anything ideal for your well-being it’s knowing you’ve accomplished or endured something. 

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