We’ve all, unfortunately, met and dealt with the “office jerk” at some point in our working lives. You know, the guy that knows everything (but really doesn’t), or the gal who complains about everything almost all the time, or the one who passes the buck when a project he’s or she’s on goes wrong or happily accepts praise for work they didn’t do. Sound familiar now? If so, here are a few quick tips on how to deal with the office jerk.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

Maybe this strain of creature is a know-it-all who won’t let you get a word in edgewise. Perhaps it’s your boss who literally micromanages everything you do. Or perhaps they’re a negative Ned that rehashes everything wrong with the office, your boss, the team but who does nothing to fix it. The point is, before you can correctly deal with them, you have to figure out what you’re dealing with.

Knowledge Is Power

Once you’ve figured out what “type” of persona you’ve got on your hands, be prepared to battle their “brilliance” with your own. If you only see this person during meetings, know your information like the back of your hand along with stats and figures. It will diffuse off-handed comments or tangent-causing questions. If you’re dealing with a bochinchero who treats second-hand information as gospel, ask pointed and specific preguntas. It will make them think twice about bluffing their way through a conversation or presenting themselves as an expert.

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