‘LL: Is that when you decided to jump ship and go for it?
CP: Just so happens this was [also] the time around 9/11 and business was not doing well. Add to that my current dance and business partner Juan had at the time just lost his partner. I didn’t have a day job any longer and he did not have a partner. So the timing worked out. He offered to take me on and train me, as well as do some gigs together. I picked things up quickly and it evolved. I didn’t think it would be a career, but after a year or two I realized this is what I was meant to do and I never looked back.

‘LL: Yet, you didn’t stop at professional dancer. How did you become a business owner?
CP: For years we did everything together, it was always Juan and Christina. We were seen as a unit. In the past year he started doing more things on his own and he runs the company in New York City, so he handed me the business in New Jersey [and] I’ve taken it over. Prior to I focused on the artistic aspects such as the choreography, costumes and the like. I was afraid, but I had no choice because it had to get done. It was hard at first, but it showed me I could do it, and provided a new level of growth. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s a different level of satisfaction.

‘LL: So the business has continued successfully?
CP: Yes, more so than I could have imagined.

‘LL: Aside from the business you also do some philanthropic work with kids?
CP: I do some summer programs at high schools to teach the incoming freshman. Some schools see dance as a positive thing to keep the kids focused and off the street, similar to Mad Hot Ballroom. I actually worked at East Side High, which was the subject of the film. Currently I have six performance teams that I coach and train.

‘LL: You’ve notched professional dancer, business owner under your belt. Where do you see yourself in next five years?
CP: I’ve always put my business and dancing first; it’s always been my passion and my life. It’s not just what I do but who I am. I’m a dancer; I’ll always be a dancer. I’m not happy unless I do a little bit of dancing everyday. I would like to own my own studio, that’s a goal that I’ll set for myself. Now that I know I can handle the business side of things. But I also do like to do normal people stuff [laughs], like go to the movies, sit in the coffee shop.

‘LL: What would a guy be surprised to know about you?
CP: Wow, I guess there’s a whole lot of that [laughs]. I’m actually a big nerd. I love to talk philosophy, meaning of life stuff. I’m also actually obsessed with all medical shows. I’ve gotten pretty proficient. Random I know, but a fun fact. Someone that has a sexy brain can often be hotter that than a sexy body.

‘LL: Perfect segue into the single men out there that might want to date a woman like you. Any advice for single Latino men out there?
CP: I would say to have confidence in yourself and what she feels about you. If a woman is attracted to you don’t question it and think there is no way this woman could like you. Every woman just wants that one special guy to make her feel those things. If you’re confident in those qualities you have don’t doubt or question them.

‘LL: Biggest turn on?
CP: There has to be that thing that initiates physical attraction, but a guy is only as hot as he is intelligent.

‘LL: Turn off?
CP: I think some guys that try too hard. Overly aggressive or arrogant. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and many guys can’t walk it. Arrogance is a big turn off.

‘LL: Favorite food?
CP: Not just one, we’d be here all day [laughs]. Favorite cuisine is Latin and Italian. I actually eat like a trucker.

There you go fellas, brush up on those dance moves and whip up a few Italian dishes and you just may have a shot!!!



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