October 25, 2021

4- Find and work with allies

Chavez took issues that were specific to one group of people — migrant farm workers — and made them into human rights issues everyone could relate to. That public understanding and support is what made his grape boycotts and marches successful. Chavez forged relationships with everyone from students, religious leaders, working class and people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Your biggest supporter may be the last person you might have a conversation with. Taking the time to find the right allies is pivotal in any situation — professional or personal.

3- Dare to be different/Be Unpopular

Going along with the crowd is easy. Standing up for your beliefs, even when they’re unpopular, is much more difficult. Using non-violent methods of protest such as demonstrations, fasts, and boycotts, did not win Chavez much support at first. But he stuck to his principals and ultimately found success with them. He even supported causes that his fellow laborers did not agree with such as speaking out against the Vietnam War, supporting gay rights and the need for immigration reform. Being different may not win you many fans but it will set you apart from everyone else.

2- Patience is a virtue

Itching for that promotion? Dying to take on a new project that will highlight your true talents? Be patient grasshopper. As Chavez demonstrated the fruits of your labor will be all the sweeter. In 1965 Chavez and the NFWA started a grape boycott to support higher wages for grape pickers. The strike lasted five years and gained national support.

1- ¡Si se puede!

The greatest legacy Chavez left was his sheer belief that anything, no matter what it was, can be accomplished. The single phrase was a rallying cry for the farm labor movement and later for Latinos everywhere. Whether you’re chasing a dream or angling for a better opportunity, nothing is impossible — so long as you’re mindful of the above lessons!

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