While the country’s economy is doing better than ever, gainfully employed citizens still need to protect their jobs. One undervalued aspect of maintaining your valued “nine-to-five” is exercising good judgment at work outings. While attending company conventions, holiday parties, outside work functions, and even entertaining clients, there are pitfalls to be avoided. Specifically, when drinking with your coworkers. As gentlemen we are expected to lead in the consumption of libations, but not party like a rock star. With the proper drinking etiquette you should live to see your next paycheck.

What Not To Do

Regardless of the type of work event, you should avoid becoming tipsy. Even at this fun level of intoxication, you are prone to speak more bluntly which can expose your true feelings or make an off-the-cuff remark that can be deemed as inappropriate or offensive. As a rule of thumb, keep to a two-drink limit. Everyone’s threshold is different though, so keep certain factors in mind.

If you’re not a drinker stay away from alcohol all together. At one holiday party I saw an intern who never had a drink before try to keep up with his supervisor. The result? He ended up dropping a Monopoly board game on a Vice President’s shiny bald head during the gift exchange. Needless to say that was a moment he would like to forget. If you do enjoy the occasional cocktail but you start to laugh incessantly or slur your words than edit your drinking plan accordingly. This behavior can be viewed as a lack of professionalism and just plain irresponsible. Finally if you have a crush on a coworker, consider staying away since alcohol can create complex romantic scenarios which are not conducive to climbing the corporate ladder — trust me.

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