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If you notice an issue with your health, the temptation will be to immediately check in for a doctor visit. However, there are issues to be aware of here. First, misdiagnosis is a far more common reality than most people realise. It’s possible that if you do visit a doctor they’ll get it completely wrong and provide you with the incorrect treatment. As well as risking side effects, you could end up in a situation where you struggle with expensive bills for medicine that you don’t need. It’s not unheard of for doctors to make deals with pharma companies which means it’s in their best interest to prescribe you medicine. Robin Williams famously suggested that doctors should have to wear pharma brands on their jackets so that patients knew which company they were sponsored by, similar to NASCAR drivers. 

There’s also a big risk of visiting the doctor right now. COVID-19 hasn’t gone anywhere and if you’re going to catch it anywhere it will likely be in a medical waiting room. Despite warnings, people who develop symptoms of COVID will naturally want to visit a doctor. They could easily and quickly pass it from person to person without even meaning to. 

Furthermore, there might be nothing wrong with you or it could be a problem that you can resolve yourself. So, here are the solutions that you should consider before you give the doctor a call.


The Two Week Rule

Usually, we want to visit a doctor because there is a change in our body or our health. This could be physical or mental, depending on the symptoms. For instance, you might have noticed a new lump somewhere on your body. If that’s the case, then it’s worth waiting two weeks to see if it goes away. Most lumps are cysts and completely benign. If it goes away in two weeks it’s nothing to worry about and there’s no need to visit your doc. If it stays it could be more serious but there’s still a chance it’s not life-threatening. 


Herbal Treatments

You could also think about exploring herbal treatments. This can be useful if you are dealing with an issue that has been plaguing you for quite some time, like chronic pain. Often, there’s not much a doctor can do about an issue like chronic pain. They are often reluctant to prescribe meds because this will risk the chance of you becoming addicted to painkillers. 

That’s why something like CBD can be the best option. With CBD you will potentially be able to get the relief you need. Research into CBD has found that it can provide great benefits for those who are suffering from chronic pain as well as other health issues. There are also different types of CBD like Martha Stewart CBD to try so you’re sure to find one that does provide some type of benefit for you. 


Physical Therapy 

Sometimes, it can be best to look at physical therapy solutions when you’re dealing with medical issues in your life. For instance, you are feeling low, then you might want to consider exercising more regularly. Exercise can be a wonderful natural form of stress relief and can get you back on the right track. This is often better than exploring something like antidepressants because they can have dangerous side effects that you definitely want to avoid.

If you are suffering from pain in your body, then you might want to consider a form of aqua therapy. Water exercise can work wonders for those suffering from chronic pain because it loosens and relaxes the muscles as well as the joints. You’ll find that many doctors will recommend that you try this before you even think about exploring the meds available on the market. 


Cognitive Therapy 

Finally, it’s possible that the health issue that you’re experiencing is all in your head. It’s important to note that this won’t make it any less real to you and you will still require treatment. However, therapy could be more effective than anything that a typical doctor can provide. Therapy will allow you to get to the root cause of an issue and explore a problem that may have been lurking in your past for years. If you get cognitive therapy, it can give you a completely new perspective on your life so it’s well worth exploring. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the steps that you can consider before you knock on a doctor’s door. It can save you from a lot of headaches and issues. 

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