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As the calendar brings us into December, the clock is ticking to get those holiday gifts. Since the pandemic is still a part of our lives, it still requires us to make those purchases as far in advance as possible. This year words like “supply chain disruption” are as common as an LOL acronym. So planning is key and buying on-line more crucial than ever.  Just as we have done in Christmas past, we have curated some great stocking stuffers for just about every person in your life. 


For Abuelo & Abuela

A simple gesture can go a long way. Why not provide the elders of your family with a daily remainder of how much they mean to you and the family. Not to mention provide them with a nice reminder of their treasured status.

The unique Abuelo or Abuela mug combines popular Latino themes into a coffee cup. This ceramic coffee mug features a cactus and geckos’ artwork with the saying “El Mejor Abuelo” or “El Mejor Abuela”

The mugs are available on Amazon for under $20.00 each.



For Mom & Dad

Have you ever wanted a more in-depth look at your mother and father’s life? What the valued most from their parents or maybe a funny habit that had as a child? This journal will uncover all the little things you might not know about your parents.

The “Your Mother’s Story” and the “Your Father’s Story” journals are filled with prompts for your mother or father to write their memories and knowledge to pass on to you.

“Your Mother’s Story” and “Your Father’s Story” are available on Amazon for $8.00 each.

For the Sports Fan 

Author Tim Wendell goes as far back as the mid-nineteenth century, to the early days of Cuban baseball, tracing the spread of American baseball fever in the Caribbean and Mexico. Discussing lesser-known historical standouts, including Adolfo Luque and Martin Dihigo; and describing the days when only light-skinned Latinos were allowed to participate in Major League competition.

Male, female, family or friend. If they are into sports, they will find “The New Face of Baseball: The One-Hundred-Year Rise and Triumph of Latinos in America’s Favorite Sport” to be a compelling, educational and enjoyable read.

For the Fashionista

Got a friend or family member always sporting the latest and greatest wares from celebrities, or simply a Bad Bunny fan. Then look no further than the Bad Bunny X Crocs collection.

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the rubber clogs are back in a big way. Not only have they been selling out online over the last few months, but they’ve also been spotted on the feet of fashion influencers and celebrities alike, including Rihanna and Benito himself!

The reggaetonero partnered with the brand to create glow-in-the-dark Crocs. Granted the kicks are a tough find but can be found on many secondary sites like mercari.com for $80.00


For that Special Someone

This is maybe the most difficult purchase to make.  It’s got to be special, show thought, but you’ve got to also read your partner – which means balancing between going too big or too small.  Easy right?

Well, this year, why not go with the personal touch. A bracelet you can personalize with whatever you want it to say, but you can also have it written in your own handwriting for a sweet custom touch. Simply write out the message and send it to the seller after purchase. Available on Etsy for $35.00



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