Comic books are by far one of the biggest inspirations in pop culture today. You’re bound to find a bit of the Caped Crusader or your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the like sprinkled in everything from film to TV, literature, even interpretive fashion.

Latinos have had a major part in this golden age of the comic book industry. As there are many inkers, film producers, actors, journalists, photographers and cosplayers who help bring to light some of our favorite superheroes. Read on as ‘LLERO peeps some of the innovative Latinos who changed the comic book game.

Joe Quesada

Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, first became interested in comics after picking up an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. He related to Peter Parker because they were both from Queens, N.Y. His career in comics began in the ‘90s as a freelance artist for Valiant Comics, then moving on to DC Comics and creating the character known as Azrael, who, if you watch the hit TV series Gotham, may have met by now. The Cuban-American artist went on to open his own publishing company, known as Event Comics, with writer/inker Jimmy Palmiotti. It was through this venture that Quesada gained the editorial experience required when Marvel Comics came calling. Around the time Quesada joined Marvel Comics, the company was nearly shutting down due to low sales. With a team of talented freelance creators brought in by Quesada, they successfully launched the comic book line Marvel Knights. Later as Editor-in-Chief, Quesada would launch other popular lines like the Ultimate Marvel book line. Today, as Chief Creative Officer, Quesada has overall creative oversight on all aspects of the Marvel brand—from book publishing to film and television—ensuring that all characters and stories stay as true to their essence as possible.

UNITED STATES - APRIL 24: Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment's editor in chief, leans on a statue of Spider-Man at Marvel's offices at 417 5th Avenue. (Photo by Enid Alvarez/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Photo by Enid Alvarez/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

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