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Congratulations. You’ve landed the job. Yet, it isn’t just down the street. Even in this day and age when remote working is on the rise and becoming more accepted. Some opportunities still require you to make a move. If you are offered a job in another location, then you have to decide if it is worth relocating for. You also need to weigh up the potential upsides of relocating, such as more money or even more opportunities. If you need some help working out if you are making the right decision, then this is the guide for you.


Think Holistically

When you are thinking about a big decision, there will be some temptation to create a spreadsheet and make some pros and cons. This is all very well, but you have to look deeper than that.  If you have a family, you have to think about how this will affect them. What kind of family you will be. Are you much more suited to small town life or do you prefer life in the big city? It’s vital that you try and think about the lifestyle that your new career can give you as well. If you think about all things like this, then you will soon find that you can come out on top and that you can also be much more content with your decision.


Talk to Your Partner

Another thing that you need to do is talk to your partner. For you single ‘LLERO’s this is a non-issue. But if you are partnered up. Then you need to find out if your partner is going to be able to find work where you move? How are they going to adjust? Do they feel as though you are taking them away from their support network? If the move happens to bring up issues like this.  Then you have to make sure that you do everything you can to resolve them before things get worse. If you ignore the issue. Or if you and your partner come to the conclusion that you will work through it when you move. Then this may cause you even more issues in the future and this is the last thing that you need. Remember that they may need a spouse visa as well, so look into this well in advance.


Consider Your Kids

If you don’t have kids a move is easier. However, it’s not always possible for you to move whenever you want when you have kids. You have to remember that some age groups are way more difficult when compared to others. A lot of people are reluctant to move when they have teenagers because it may affect their education. They may also find it more difficult to make friends when they move. If you move when your kids are young enough however then you may find that they adjust way better and that you are also able to help them fit in to their new place as well. If your kids are resistant to the idea of moving, then make sure that you help them by guiding them through the stages of moving and what your new home is going to be like. Although you may see the benefits of moving for your job, your kids might not understand this, so talk to them about what is going to affect them.

Now these are just some of the big picture items and certainly not an exhaustive or exclusive list, but if you consider these foundational blocks everything is should be smooth sailing.

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