Some people are happy in a hostel or a hotel. Knowing that when they wake up, the coffee is a minute away, there is a concierge on the other end of the phone, and if you want a fresh, hot pizza – it will take 40 minutes max. A hostel is a little wilder. Because you will be sharing with people you don’t know. You have to fend for yourself a little more. Yet, perhaps the best way for a man to reconnect with himself is to connect with nature. Enter wild camping.

Wild camping is a genuine connection with nature, the wilderness, and rather than imposing yourself on it, you let it leave a print on your instead. 

While you ponder the idea of being in the wilderness for a while, here are some things to pack and some places to research. 


You want to make sure that you have everything you need to sleep for a few nights (or more) in the wild. It is an idea for you to start with the tent. You need something lightweight, waterproof, something that typically fits two people (or you and your four-legged travel companion), and has space to store your bedding. The Roofnest is what you need here. You’ll need to make sure you have enough bottles of water to last between each location with people and amenities. Snacks and food are a given, and something to cook it on. You can buy specialized camping food which takes up less space and is nutritionally awesome. Aside from that, clothing, toiletries, and some extra blankets – you’re almost set. 

Places To Go

When it comes to wild camping, each country will have its own rules and regulations, and you may not be able to stay in some of the locations for more than an evening at best. So research is your best friend here. 

The Alps, France

If you love the finest wines and a very good cheese, then France should be on your list. Of course, you’ll want to opt for a red wine to open while under the stars. The Alps are predominantly known for skiers. However, once the snow thaws out and spring arrives – more campers and hikers head to the area. It is incredibly lush and green, and the snow-capped peaks remain picturesque too. 

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The more north you head, the wilder it becomes. It is known for its diverse and interesting ecosystem. You’re aiming for the Pacific Rim National Park and the West Coast Trail as they are renowned for being breath-taking at any time. Depending on the time of year you go, you may very well wake up to see Orca whales playing and breaching. Otters are typically playing in the shallows, and you’ll more than likely hear geese flying over your tent too. 

Connemara, Ireland

If you are a lover of the Ed Sheeran track Galway Girl, then this little gem is going to be a treat. This is a coastal region that is tucked west of Galway and is practically begging you to take a stroll. The landscape is one of drama and is pretty windy, so you’ll need to wrap up even on the warmest of days. Camping here is one for you if a bit of biting wind doesn’t bother you. The seascape is worth needing three pairs of socks. 

Gotland, Sweden

If you have been enthralled by the landscape and the history of the Vikings series, then the chances are you have pondered over visiting Sweden more than once. If you are going to do it, then one of the places that you should head to is Gotland. Sweden and other Nordic countries are keen on people wild camping – so long as you leave the place as you found it. It has 497 miles of coastline, and you can pretty much choose any of it to camp for the night. There are neighboring islands if you should choose to head there. And if you are there during the summer, the beach is perfect for evening barefoot walks. 

The Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA

The chances are that you aren’t ready to take the 4,270-kilometer walk. However, you can dip in and out of some if in your car. The area is littered with snow-capped mountains, enormous lakes, and expanses of meadows. If you like the idea of foraging, you can pick morel mushrooms in May and huckleberry in June. There are high priced mushrooms growing too. Chanterelles, lion’s mane, and porcini are available for the picking. You are allowed to pick five gallons of mushrooms, fruits, and other edible items per day per person. 

Devon, England

The most southwest of England has the ability to feel much like a different place entirely. The southern wind blows warm in the summer evenings, and on a clear day, you’ll find yourself staring across the water for hours. There are a number of campsites on Exmoor and Dartmoor, and there are some places along the cliffs that are mindblowing. Of course, you’ll need to be very careful where you choose to pitch because it can get very windy. During the Fall months, the sun burns a deep red, and it hits the water and slowly goes down. 

Hossa National Park, Finland

This park only opening June 2017 but has made a big statement. It is reasonably rugged and is in the wild northeast of the country. There are rivers, lakes, and huge spruce forests. The crisp air smells of pine and freshness. Like Sweden, Finland welcomes wild campers, and there is a range of lean-to shelters and cabins that can be used. All of them have available spots for a campfire too. 

Wild camping, it’s for the free-spirited love of the great outdoors, and the best part is you can call the stars your roof any time you like. It is essential that you respect the environment that you are in, and pay attention to the rules around how many nights you can stay in a single spot. It is often the case you should move after 2 evenings to a new site. 

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