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If you look around from the suburbs to big cities it’s clear that bikes are having a moment.  From bike lanes to CitiBike bicycle sharing systems bike riding isn’t just for kids anymore.  But it turns out that they might be onto something when it comes to health. Going cycling can be an excellent way to improve fitness and overall well-being.

Researchers have long known the physical benefits of cycling. However, now they are discovering that it has all sorts of mental health benefits, too, and many of these go well beyond what you might expect.

Let’s take a look at why getting on your bike can supercharge health so you can live a happier and more rewarding life. Let’s take a look.


Stress Relief

Working all day long in an office is tiring and stressful. Every five minutes, you’re getting an email from someone, telling you to do a better job.

But cycling helps to break that process. Getting on your bike at lunchtime gets your body moving, helping you to let go of some of the stress that builds up in the morning. Then, when you return to work in the afternoon, you are more prepared to deal with the rest of the day, whatever it brings.


Improved Sleep

There’s some evidence that cycling can also improve sleep for some people. Being outside in the sunshine during the day and expending energy regulates the circadian rhythm and makes it easier to get the shut-eye you need during a busy week.

Achieving better sleep needn’t be challenging. You don’t have to cycle for hours at a time for it to be effective. Just a quick 30 minutes in the sunshine is often all you need to better regulate your body.


Better Joint Health

Ironically, cycling may also improve joint health. While it does put some stress on your knees and hips, it is far less demanding than an activity, like running, that is physically demanding and punishing for the body.

For this reason, many physios recommend this exercise for people of all ages. While it isn’t 100% natural, it is a good alternative for anyone who struggles with more impactful movement forms.


Improved Cardio Health

Whenever you get on a bicycle, you also give yourself an opportunity to improve your cardiovascular health. Exercise on a bike can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke considerably compared to those who don’t get any movement at all.

However, if you want the best results, you will also need to change your diet. Exercise alone can’t substitute for a healthy lifestyle overall.


Enhanced Self-Esteem

You might also find that cycling enhances your self-esteem. Loading up with bike bags and commuting to work or going on an expedition can help you find your confidence and change how you perceive yourself.


More Social Opportunities

Finally, getting into cycling is an excellent way to find more social opportunities. You can spend more time around people who love the activity, just like you, and avoid all the health problems and complications associated with loneliness. Normally, you can quickly find cycling clubs and other opportunities in your area.


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