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The film Moonlight has been hailed as one of the best movies of 2016. The plot centers around a young boy named Chiron and chronicles the stages of his life from adolescence, to teenager through to manhood, as he struggles with issues of identity, family, friendship and love in Miami’s rough and tumble Liberty City. After screening the film, you simply can’t help but come away with the feeling that it has much to offer in the way of what we all go through in life.  Without spoiling the film, here are a few lessons in manhood you can glean from Moonlight.

i. Little – You Have to Decide for Yourself Who You’re Going to Be

As a young boy Chiron is taken under the wing of Juan, who is coincidentally the local drug dealer. Yet, Juan serves as quite an effective surrogate father. One of the lessons he imparts to the young Chiron is that “at some point you have decide who you’re going to be, you can’t let someone else make that decision for you.”
The Lesson: Choose your path, set your values. They will serve as your moral compass, when the people and/or the world try to get you to veer from them.

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