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Walter Mercado is more beloved than ever before.  The Puerto Rican pyschic and astrologer died at the end of 2019. Leaving a hole in our collective souls with his passing. His weekly TV show was a staple in most Latino households. In his shows he told each zodiac’s fortune and famously ended by wishing his viewers “mucho, mucho amor.” 

Mercado’s annual New Year predictions and flamboyant persona (sequins, capes and the whole nine!) endeared him to us all. Walter Mercado experienced renewed interest in his talent a few years before he passed away. Doritos commercials, fashion exhibits and more! Now, a new Netflix documentary about Mercado’s life will share his legacy and impact with the world. Here’s a preview of “Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado that debuts July 8th. 


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