September 17, 2021

Futbol fans around the globe rejoice. The official emblem of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup was unveiled Tuesday.

The official unveiling took place in Qatar’s capital, Doha. Thousands of spectators bore witness to a synchronized projection of the emblem onto a number of the country’s most iconic buildings. At total of 24 major cities such as New York, Buenos Aires, London and Sao Paulo, also beamed the emblem across billboards in their respective locations. But traditional futbol outlets and even stars joined in on the action. Pushing the unveiling out on social media.

Just a little over two years away, the 22nd edition of the World Cup will be the first staged in the Arab world. The event gets underway on November 21, 2022. With the final to be played on December 18, 2022, Qatar’s National Day.

Check out the emblem here.

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