Hangover Helpers

So you went out with the boys last night and knocked back a few too many drinks. Now you’re paying the price to the porcelain gods and asking la Virgencita to forsake you. We’ve all been there - the hangover - a pounding headache, queasy stomach and cotton bal...

Sunglasses – Choosing Your Tinted Windows

Like a car, a pair of sunglasses is an expression of your personality. They can create a look or stunt your swagger. Who would Tego Calderon, Jay-Z or Snoop Dogg be without their signature shades? However, you may not know what works best for you. Check out ou...

Up Your Drinking IQ

After a long week, you probably look forward to starting the weekend at Happy Hour—whether at home or in your favorite local watering hole. Before you start drinking, though, be careful with the high calorie count in alcohol, it can end up right on your belly,...
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