With the new year here, droves will hit the gym to work on those health related resolutions. With the daily grind many men endure, just the act of getting to the gym can be a challenge. When you do arrive there the last thing you want is someone messing up your flow. Worse yet, your entire workout. Yet, just as today’s sports clubs and fitness centers draw massive numbers of people they also draw different personalities. Some of which will hinder, rather than help your workout. Here are 5 types to avoid at the gym. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

5. Mr. Congeniality

We are being kind with this title. Because this guy is a time eater. He’s not at the gym to work out, he just want’s to socialize, about every and anything. Sure, it will start off about lifting, venture into nutrition, but soon go off into everything from his job, to car, to aunt in Pacoima. He’s not a bad guy, but he will kill any momentum you’ve built in your workout and your 1-hour in the gym will turn into 2 hours.

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