The company holiday party — it can be a hidden obstacle course. It can also trip your career up if not navigated correctly. Year after year good workers fall victim to ill-advised behavior. Their company holiday party foils a possible promotion or even worse causes their termination. It’s a hard and tedious climb up the corporate ladder. From the average everyday man to the newest hotshot executive on the rise, one must be savvy enough to avoid the pitfalls. The type not mentioned in an employee handbook. Then there are those unique situations where your judgment or lack thereof can land you out of favor with your manager. Tis the season to watch your partying. So heed these tips to avoid a call to your bosses’ office.

Do attend the Company Party

After a long day at the office, the last thing you may want to do is spend off hours with co-workers and the boss, but consider it required reading. “Not making an appearance without a good reason can spark speculation about your team spirit,” explained human resources generalist Miranda Parris. However, while attending is recommended, you still need to watch how you conduct yourself. “Consider the office party an extension of the work day so therefore be on your best behavior,” notes Parris.

Do dress to impress

Feel free to dress festively but remember to keep it professional. Even though your event is occurring off hours, you still will want to keep the company dress policy in mind.

Don’t get trashed

Don’t drink too much. It should go without saying, but seems to happen to at least one person every year. Even if you are a social drinker you will want to curtail heavy drinking to ensure you do not become visibly intoxicated. Also avoid coworkers who will try to cajole you into over doing it. “I once had way too much to drink at my Christmas party and I called my much older vice president ‘grand pa,’” admitted Terry B.


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