August 16, 2022

‘LL: What’s a ‘LLERO to you?
Tiffany: Someone who is very sweet and respectful—who knows how to treat women. Someone who’s goal-oriented as well.

‘LL: If a man is to do well with you what’s the first date like?
Tiffany: An ideal first date to me is a dinner. A nice spot where I can actually dress up a little bit. I love food, so it’s a great time to eat, and it’s a good time to sit down and actually talk to the person and get to know whom they are. I think any other setting would be a little bit of a distraction. When it’s a nice place where you can sit and talk, I think that’s an ideal date to me.

‘LL: What was the worst date you’ve ever had?
Tiffany: I went on a date with this one guy. He actually asked me out to go to the movies, and, when we got to the movies, he had no money, so I had to pay for him and me. He [then] had the nerve to ask for food from the popcorn stand. Me being a nice person, I ended up buying it, too, and I didn’t even get a thank you after that. That was probably like the worst date I’ve ever been on [laughs].

‘LL: How do you balance your roles as artist/business owner with your romantic life?
Tiffany: When I go to work, I try my best to focus and try to finish the tattoo early enough, so that at night I have time for that romantic setting going on.

‘LL: I know you stay busy, but when you do have down time, do you have any favorite movies or TV shows or books?
Tiffany: I just finished watching all of the seasons of “Breaking Bad.” I, also, like the Lifetime channel and HGTV. I watch that usually every day. If I’m at home, and not going out, I usually just watch TV, or clean, or read a book or something. I’m kind of relaxed when I’m home. I try to clear my mind from everything.

‘LL: What kind of books do you tend to read?
Tiffany: I like self-motivational books. They kind of help me to keep my mind sane, and to just be inspired and think a little differently. Right now, I’m doing a lot of research because I’m trying to create a tattoo aftercare line and also a hair conditioner line.

‘LL: To wrap up, what are you currently working on that our readers should look out for?
Tiffany: In the future, I’m thinking of possibly opening up another shop, and like I said before, just look out for the tattoo aftercare line. It’ll be created with all-natural ingredients. I think it’ll be great during the tattoo [healing process], and even after.

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