September 28, 2022

‘LL: What is the strangest tattoo request a client has ever presented to you?
Tiffany: This girl said that she wanted a tattoo of a fish inside her lip, but the fish had to look like a little kid drew it—a circle for the body, a triangle for the tail [laughs]. She wanted like three little bubbles coming out of it. I just thought it was very odd, and I’ve never done anything like that afterwards.

‘LL: Who are some celebrities that you’ve tattooed so far?
Tiffany: I’ve tattooed the rapper Maino; Cappie Pondexter who is a WNBA player. I tattooed Shwayze who was a music artist from a couple of years back. Then, there was James Ihedigbo, who was playing for the New York Jets back when I tattooed him, and Ray Lucas from the Jets.

‘LL: What celebrity would you like to tattoo that you haven’t worked on yet, and why?
Tiffany: I would like to tattoo Wiz Khalifa because he has a lot of tattoos already, and I would like to be part of that canvas.

‘LL: What is it about tattoos on a man that you believe women find appealing?
Tiffany: I think that tattoos give a guy almost like a bad boy look at times depending on how many they have, and I think women can be attracted to that. I know I’m attracted to that. I think that when guys have a lot of tattoos it makes them look like manly men—just cool and strong.

Tiffany Tattoo Sun Glasses Line

‘LL: What’s your favorite thing about Latino men, tattooed or otherwise?
Tiffany: My favorite thing about Latino men is the fact that they seem family-oriented, which I really like. I’ve dated different races, but Latinos seem to be the more family-oriented type, which I really like because family is important to me.

‘LL: What’s your least favorite thing about Latino men?
Tiffany: My least favorite is that sometimes they can be a little smothering [laughs], and that kind of bothers me a little.

‘LL: That’s fair. What’s some advice you’d offer the Latino men out there who are looking to land a lady like you?
Tiffany: I would say to not be so controlling over my ambitions and goals. Just let me be. You know, hop on the ride along with me. Be the same way. Be encouraging and positive, and set some goals. That would be a turn on for me, a guy who’s almost the same as me, and is very ambitious and wants to do well in life.

‘LL: What would be a turn off?
Tiffany: Well, I don’t like a boring guy. I’m an Aries, and I get bored really quick—so, I need a guy who’s entertaining and adventurous, and keeps me on my toes.

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