2020 was a year like no other in modern history. The global pandemic put the world in lockdown, systemic racism was laid bare for the world to see, the economic divide deepened and long held democratic norms were tested like never before.  As we experienced this year of global disruption, the thought of celebrating individual achievement felt, quite frankly – out of place. 

Yet, when looking back on 2020, something else was apparent. There are figures emerging. They are leading, fighting and providing hope for all these ills. 2020 saw upstart advocates pushing for equality and justice, musicians unafraid to stand up and speak out for the disenfranchised, immigrants breaking barriers with the sole goal of helping their adopted country, artists and businessmen working for diversity and inclusion and workers on the front lines giving new meaning to what it means to be “essential”.

For all they have done and continue to do they are ‘LLERO’s Men of 2020.




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