February 25, 2024

The growing wonder known as New York Comic-Con has officially wrapped. While it may not be the big daddy of comic-cons, it certainly is the young son who is growing by leaps and bounds that just maybe able to go a few rounds with his old man one day. Enough of the analogies though. What were the highlights of this year’s fanboy fest? Read on and thou shall see…

Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix

Kung-fu artist Daniel Rand finally gets the live-action Netflix/Marvel collaboration treatment. Billed as “The Last Defender” – as in before they assemble for their own Avengers like series. The trailer appears to delve into Danny Rand’s origin story. By far the highlight is seeing the golden powered fist. Many worried how and if they could pull it off while maintaining the grounded elements of the other Netflix/Marvel properties. Looks good so far. Don’t believe us? Take a peek.

Be ready to binge on March 17, 2017

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