February 28, 2024

My Facebook feed is full of politics and it’s getting tiring. I don’t talk about politics much. I actually avoid the topic because people are normally limited and only see things from their own point of view. So convincing them otherwise is a task I would rather not take on. I don’t like talking about religion for the same reason. I would rather talk about spirituality and the wisdom that different spiritual traditions have left us. That’s not what this is about though, so I’ll save that for another day. I do think however that politics is bullshit.

Fuck Trump. Fuck Obama. Fuck Hillary. Fuck the media.

Politics and the media is all a big lie meant to instill fear in the masses as well as keep them divided and anesthetized. If we are being constantly divided by race, political ideology and religion then we cannot make things better for ourselves because power belongs to people when they are united. You are all being duped like mindless sheep being led to the slaughter and no one is going to be able to stop it unless people wake up.

One thing is for sure, the information, images and videos that we have been fed are strong and are meant to touch our emotions. They have succeeded in doing this. Is it possible that we are being fed these images so that we fear the police and government? Could it be that we are constantly being fed media that further divides us by race rather than by economic standing so that the richest in the country don’t concede their wealth or power? I believe so, and unless people start to realize this we will continue to fight against each other rather than the real enemy.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are seeing what you are seeing rather than just consuming it? For me it all started in 2014 when I watched the video of Eric Garner get murdered by the police. This video and the rest that followed initially instilled a sense of fear of police in me. A short while later I stopped to ask myself why were all of these videos of people being killed or abused by the police going viral? These occurrences weren’t anything new. It’s not that these things don’t happen and that they shouldn’t be addressed. Racism exists. People are shocked about it but don’t really stop to realize that segregation ended approximately a short 60 years ago. In the history of mankind that’s the blink of an eye. We should work towards racial equality.

Since Eric Garner’s murder things have only become worse. We are continually fed videos of police brutality, hate crimes and hate groups expressing themselves via every media outlet available. And it’s not just white vs. black anymore; now it’s white vs. Hispanics as well. And it’s not just Mexicans, it’s all Hispanics; not just immigrants but American born Hispanics, even those who have been in America for generations; those whose families have served in the military.

We are constantly subjected to how different people are from each other further enforcing an “us vs. them” mentality. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was seeing pictures of the children that have been separated from their parents and are being held in cages. It turns my stomach to think about it. It gives me a sense of hopelessness. It’s what has prompted me to write this. Again I have to ask myself why are we being shown these images now? I believe the answer is two-fold. First, to instill greater fear of authority and law enforcement in the people. Nothing is more frightening to a parent than the thought of having their children taken away from them. Second, to continually divide this country.

Is the president racist? He sure is. However, he is not KKK or Nazi material. His racism is the product of a typical New York City racist white American mentality where they believe Hispanics live off welfare, illegals are dangerous and Puerto Ricans really aren’t American. I should know, I grew up around them and many talked about this shamelessly.

The president is a business man. He is smart. He is ruthless and although I am not a mental health professional I would bet he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. He is the perfect president for the great divide. A way to keep the country as divided as possible where friends and family members no longer speak because of strong feelings of disagreement. Ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden recently warned the public that the president is ruling by divide and this is dangerous, it leads to destabilization of countries. For the president this isn’t about doing what’s right, it’s about winning the political game. He had enough money to have the best internet marketers and data analysts tell him which audience he had to appeal to in order to win. This is why he won’t refute white supremacists. It’s a power play.

So why do we have the great divide? The answer is simple: to keep the wealthiest people wealthy and keep everyone else as poor as possible. The closest real political debate I have seen has been about minimum wage – but people didn’t get it. Everyone is fighting because some people say that minimum wage workers need a raise while others say they do not because they are making $15/hour or a little more with a college degree, the minimum wage should stay where it is. The problem isn’t that minimum wage workers need a raise, it’s that WE ALL DO.

The plan is to divide everyone before everyone realized this. Make sense now? The wealthiest people in the country control the media. They in turn control what we see and how we think. Six corporations now control 90% of the media. That’s a consolidation of 50 companies in 1983. CEO pay has grown 90 times faster than the typical worker since 1978 bringing it up 997.2%. Meanwhile the typical workers’ pay has only increased 10.9% during that time. In addition, the richest 1% of the U.S. now own more wealth than the bottom 90%. And those poorer people also hold 73% of all the debt. This is why in 2014 (right around the time we started to see media of police brutality and racial injustice), Princeton released a study that concluded that the U.S. had become an oligarchy instead of a democracy. You can view it here.

In simplest terms, whatever the government does is no longer in the best interest of “the people”, it is in the best interest of the wealthiest people. That means “the people” no longer rule the nation, only the wealthiest people do. No one seemed to care because they were too distracted by viral videos that have been causing constant division in the people since 2014.

The last thing that the wealthiest want is for the other group to pay attention to the income gap that is turning this country into a third world country. If that were to happen they would lose political power, they would be forced to pay people decent wages rather than use tax money to subsidize pay through government assistance programs.

We don’t have to become a Socialist country to fix this. All we have to do is become a democracy once again!

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Oscar Guerrero is a digital marketer, blogger, vlogger, Afro-Cuban priest and father of three boys. He earned his BA in Information Systems from Fordham University. He sounds off about frugal parenting, marketing hacks and his loosely held opinions. Originally from New York City the Cuban and Ecuadorian American marketing guru is based in Miami, Florida.

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