Episode three of Power entitled “The Kind of Man You Are” dropped last night. The show opens with the feds scooping up all of Tommy’s known associates – Dre, Julio and LaKeisha – in an effort to get them to either slip up or drop dime on Tommy’s operation. While back in prison, Proctor brings in co-counsel Terry Silver, a specialist in beating capital punishment cases, for some help with Team Ghost. While on the outside Uncle Tommy drops off Tariq and Raina at school, making good on his word to take care of Ghost’s family, but also to try and get through/sniff out what Tariq is up to – no success on that front.

The interrogations of Tommy’s crew turn up little information, except for Angela’s slick grilling of LaKeisha, who gets her to admit that Ghost and Tasha’s marriage was essentially over. Why so important? It may be enough to get a waiver of the spousal privilege, a rule that prevents a wife from testifying against her husband. Getting the waiver means, the feds can get Tasha to testify against Ghost. If she refuses, she can be prosecuted. Damn LaKeisha!

Back in the clink, Proctor, Silver and Ghost strategize. They may have come up with a way to get the DNA evidence tossed. Greg Knox’s traffic stop of Ghost on the day of the murder is the instance where Ghost’s DNA got onto Knox, rather than the scene of the crime as the prosecution is claiming. This little bit was suppressed by the prosecution. A big no, no and maybe enough to get the DNA evidence tossed. But on the other end of the cell block our friend from the last episode Tony Teresi finds out Ghost and Tommy’s true identities. Teresi presses Ghost for a $20,000 vig or he will sing like a jailbird.

Ghost’s daughter Raina gets harassed by the local bullies about her dad, but Tariq swoops in to save the day. However, the press still manages to get a shot of Raina crying (more on this later). Post interrogation, LaKeisha is concerned if the feds press Tasha through her kids, she may crack to protect them. Tommy talks her down, but he’s clearly rattled too.

The feds call in Knox mentor Bailey Markham for testimony about Knox timeline on the day of the murder. Markham gets word the feds are still pushing the “Knox as the mole” theory, Markham is none too happy about this, instead wanting them to pursue Angela who he believes is the mole. When Mak doesn’t budge, he gets pissed and refuses to play ball. But he still finds time to visit Angela and call her out on her bullshit.

Determined to clear Knox, Markham meets up with SAC Donovan that night and reveals there’s a recording of Tommy admitting he and Ghost killed Lobos, problem is its inadmissible evidence and Donovan doesn’t believe it implicates Angela so Knox would not be cleared. Markham disagrees, but Donovan does take the information to Judge Tapper to see if he can use it in their trial. No dice, the judge in no uncertain terms tells Donovan it ain’t gonna happen in his court room. Sandoval rolls up to Markham at a bar to (cough, cough) help. Markham shares that he has the tape that can help clear Knox, so they agree to meet up later to discuss further. Then Markham starts researching Sandoval – yeah, he doesn’t trust him either.

Back in gangland, Julio swings by to talk with Dre. Find out if he cracked while with the feds, but also to let him know with all the heat on them they can’t deal out of the club anymore. Dre’s like whaaaat (because internally thinking how’s he gonna meet that Kanan vig). So, he scoots Julio’s girl out of the room and tells the other waitress, Ellen, that its business as usual, just keep it on the down low.

Ghost tells Proctor about Tony’s expensive blackmail, while Angela pops in for a surprise visit in jail with a deal: “Confess to killing Greg, give us Tommy for the Lobos murder, and I promise I will get your sentence reduced as much as I can,” Ghost thinks she’s only offering the deal because she set him up, but Angela’s like, nope and tells him “If you’re a man with any ounce of goodness left in you, the man I thought you were, take this deal, stay alive, and spare your wife and kids all the pain you’re causing them.” Silver, thinks they should at least consider the deal, but Proctor calls bullshit, stating Angela doesn’t have the authority make this deal. When Ghost is presented with a picture of his daughter crying in the paper, it looks like Ghost may consider it.

In a pre-trial hearing, Proctor files a motion to get the DNA dismissed for Ghost. Silver came through and found footage of the illegal traffic stop and makes the prosecution look like they were trying to hide evidence. Ghost’s DNA wasn’t on Knox’s nails because of the murder but because of him roughing up Ghost during this stop. Team Fed is caught with their pants down. The judge gives them a choice if it stays in, Proctor can make the implication that they covered it up. Team fed gives in – the DNA evidence is tossed. Finally, a win for Ghost — and Proctor too!

Later that evening, Mak apologizes to Angela for not taking the traffic strop seriously enough and tells Angela she’s back on the team. Ghost and Silver meet up and Silver calls Ghost out on who and what he really is “You’re my client and I’ll do my job, but I know what kind of man you are.” The encounter leaves Ghost shook, perhaps because he knows it’s the truth.

Episode Highlights

When John Mak realizes the interrogations came up empty –
“St. Patrick is the hood’s fairy f*cking godmother?”

Tommy’s response to LaKeisha fearing Tasha may crack –
“You know Tasha, she’s harder than Chinese algebra.”

When SAC Cooper visits Judge Tapper to push an alternate theory and fails miserably –
“I’m gonna f*ck off now” – At least he’s self-aware!

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