Episode seven, entitled “You Lied to My Face” opens with Ghost and Tariq on the subway headed home and both in a post Kanan-Jukebox haze. It’s a scene in which not one word is uttered, but perhaps the most potent of the season thus far as the nonverbal reactions show how far apart they are from what a father and son should be. Cue to Tommy who returns home to discover his stash house robbed by Ghost and that Kanan is alive. Tommy and Ghost finally meet up and Ghost explains Tariq’s kidnapping and the part Kanan played in everything. Tommy tells Ghost about the ransom text Tasha received that showed a burnt arm, which she didn’t want to believe was Kanan’s. Tariq lies when asked if Dre knew that Kanan was alive. Ghost gives Tasha the business about the dropping the ball with Tariq, but Tasha gives as good as she gets. As if that weren’t enough, in saunters Simon Stern with media lackies. They are planning a press push for the new venture and will use the media to rehab Ghost’s image. Lots going in on in the St. Patrick household.

Back at ‘Fedrose Place’, we see dysfunctional behavior at its best. The troops are reconnecting and mire in the misery of potential job loss given their pending misconduct investigation. SAC’s Sandoval and Saxe hit up Mak’s with a new theory. The mole is Donovan? Damn, trying to throw one of their own under the bus to save their skin. Don’t worry folks, Mak’s is not buying it.

Meanwhile Tommy tracks down Dre and grills him about Kanan only to discover Julio’s body. Tommy is pissed beyond all recognition, but Dre being Dre doesn’t hesitate to inquire about the distro position. Ghost and Tommy do some strategizing of their own in the wake of Julio’s death and they are not necessarily on the same page. Tommy wants revenge, Ghost wants to be more calculating. Tommy’s not having it though and heads to visit Los Toros Locos, who offer a lone wolf theory/sacrifice they claim to be responsible for Julio. Tommy ain’t buying it. As payback for Julio he wants the old territory that they gave up for Julio’s protection in order to make good for the loss. Los Toros Locos say that’s not possible, but when Tommy puts a gun to Cristobal’s face, well let’s just say they agree to give it the old college try. Tommy gets the meet up with heads of the Toros – the Jimenez Brothers – who aren’t necessarily brothers. Tommy sets forth his demands, his old territory plus six Toros corners, but gets push back until he reveals, the Jimenez hit on Lobos didn’t work and he is the one took care of their Lobos problem back in the day. Ummmmm, ok, we’ll think about it.

The James St. Patrick rehabilitation project starts with the interview arranged by Simon Stern and creates some real uncomfortable moments for Tasha, but she soldiers through. The rehab tour continues with a reception at Truth where Ghost, Tasha and Stern glad-hand with local politicians and businessmen. Not without drama of course, as it seems like Terry Silver and Tasha have some sparks and the reporter that interviewed Ghost has her sights set on him. Meanwhile, **NEW CHARACTER ALERT** Rashad Tate (played by Lorenz Tate – Mr. LoveJones himself), is a councilman from Queens involved in the granting/denial of the very loans Simon Stern is seeking, he and Ghost hit it off much to the dismay of Stern.

On the home front, Tariq meets up with Dre for some truth (no pun intended). He wants to know the real deal with Kanan, Tommy and his father who he knows is Ghost. Dre spills selective beans and Tariq gets real with Tommy about it. Tommy’s caught off guard, which is a rarity, but punts on answering any of Tariq’s questions.

Off at the prosecutor’s office Sandoval has a meet up with Mak whose getting close to figuring it all out. So, off Sandoval goes to kill Donovan. Why? We have no idea. But the attempt fails, as Donovan isn’t home. He’s with Angela working over old files and footage when they figure out via video footage Sandoval planted the gun. Timing is everything as SAC Saxe cluelessly shows up with some theories of his own, again with the Donavon mole theory. Donovan and Angela set him straight and bring up to speed on their Sandoval findings. Over at Truth, Ghost and Tommy realize they have some dirty work to clean up, unwittingly comparing kills, and realize they are exposed on both. So, they’ve got to clean stuff up with Proctor who looks to be holding all the cards now.

At Ghost’s request, Tommy makes that long-awaited call to Teresi, where he drops the bomb – “I am your father.” Not exactly a Darth Vader – Luke Skywalker moment, as Tommy’s not having it, until Teresi drops his mom’s name – then Tommy knows its legit. Teresi ends it by asking for a face to face visit.

This is not done yet…

Episode Highlights:

When Ghost and Tommy finally meet up after the Kanan debacle and compare notes:
“Ghost this story is so fucking weird. If it were anybody else you’d be dead by now.”

Tasha’s response to Ghost grilling her about how their problems got started:
“You got arrested because you dipped your dick in that Fed bitch.”

Tommy’s reply when Los Toros Locos punt on a meeting with their superiors:
“Either I talk to him…or I could just shoot you in the face right now.”

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