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Game Day Cooking Tips
OK, if we know you guys, there will be more than pipián at your bash. So Chef Aarón also offered up helpful tailgate cooking tips which any and every man should be incorporating into his repertoire – tailgate or otherwise.

Don’t Move It
For all those guys that love to grill, or simply think they can, Chef Aarón provided one of the best grilling tips we’ve heard in quite a while: “don’t move and don’t mess with your meat.” According to Sánchez you want the meat to char and caramelize, which provides the flavor. If you move the meat, it essentially prevents the caramilization process from happening.

Keep Your Grilled Food Dry
At least as it applies to the vegetables you’ve charred. While it’s normal to wash away some excess debris caused by charring Sánchez explains it “also has the effect of washing the flavor away.” Instead Sanchez recommends “tak[ing] a glass of water, dip your finger in it and gently wash away excess,” thus maintaining ese sabor you worked so hard to get.

Don’t Rush It
Sánchez noted, you can’t rush the flavor; you’ve got to let the layers of flavor naturally evolve which can’t happen if you’re impatient with the process itself.

On a final note, we didn’t forget the beer. For Sánchez it’s clearly Bud Light because “it was the beer he grew up watching his dad drink.”

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