February 29, 2024

Episode five entitled “Don’t Thank Me” opens with Angela trying to run out that stress – literally. Her sister Paz joins her and they have a heart to heart about Angela’s discovery and how she thinks Ghost is innocent. Big sister counsels her to do the right thing. So, Angela goes to Sandoval about the evidence she discovered. Could she have gone to a worse person! As expected Sandoval shuts her down when Mak and Cooper come in with their own discovery a seven-figure check Ghost received from Tommy. The prosecution believes its exactly what they need to get a RICO case.

Back in the clink Silver is counseling Ghost on his upcoming assets forfeiture hearing. Pressing to find out if there is anything Ghost hasn’t told him yet. These two clearly don’t trust each other. While Charlie Murphy gets razzed by Teresi or perhaps more accurately leveraged by Teresi into getting rid of Ghost. Silver also speaks to Tasha about the finances in connection with the upcoming hearing and raises the possibility of her testifying. An option she’s none too happy about.

LaTommy is in full effect, sharing some post-smashing 420. LaKeisha is starting to fall for Tommy and even asks him about Holly. Tommy tunes her out though and is more focused on the text he gets from Tasha letting him know that Proctor was thrown off the case and Tasha may need to testify.

In the clink Ghost gets a visit from Simon Stern, memba him? Stern offers Ghost a loan to float him. Ghost isn’t having it though. He knows strings will definitely be attached. Meanwhile Angela pays Proctor a visit and acknowledges what she saw on the tape. She actually asks for his help. Proctor says he’s off the case, so she’s going to have to talk to Ghost.

As instructed Angela pays a visit to Ghost and spills the beans on the prosecution’s new RICO angle – the seven figure payment he received from Tommy will be angled to look like Ghost was paid to murder Knox. Silver begs Ghost to come clean and Ghost does, sort of, he tells Silver it was a loan from Tommy to pay his former security firm. Back in the St. Patrick household Tasha is picking out her testimony outfit with LaKeisha, when she sniffs out LaKeisha and Tommy are an item.

At the asset forfeiture hearing, its Tasha’s big day. She rolls up to Silver before it starts looking to divulge some new information. Silver lets her know it’s too late the hearing is about to begin. As Angela indicated the prosecution points to the loan. But in a switcheroo, Ghost testifies, not Tasha. Initially Ghost talks his way through it, but on cross from Sandoval he gets rattled. The judge calls for a recess and indicates they reconvene tomorrow. Simon Stern shows up to the hearing and offers Tasha the same assistance he offered Ghost. This guy will not go quietly into yonder night.

Post hearing Silver debriefs Ghost to prepare for a long and expensive haul. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Charlie Murphy comes to mess with Ghost during his own stress relief workout. And does so big time. Enough so that Ghost goes ape shit and kills him. Then in strays Teresi, seems like Plan A was to kill Ghost, but upon seeing the carnage on the gym floor, plans change and Teresi takes out the inmate tasked with killing Ghost. Together they frame him for the murder. WTF!!!

On the outside Tasha presses Tommy about LaKeisha. Tommy comes clean, not just to that, but to Holly – everything about Holly. The news shakes Tasha big time, but she is big time so pulls it together and counsels Tommy to keep it together with LaKeisha, in order to protect the family. Damn Tasha is no joke.

At day two of the hearing Silver calls none other than Angela Valdez to testify. Whaaat? Silver goes into the surveillance footage and Angela tells what she knows, the tape does not show Ghost hiding a gun. She goes further testifying that she reported it to her team and they ignored it. On cross Mak goes nuts on her personal relationship with Ghost – all bets are off for the prosecution. But Judge Tapper goes nuts on the prosecution. Seeing yet another example of prosecutorial misconduct Judge Tapper dismisses the charges against Ghost, but he also suspends the entire team of prosecutors pending further investigation. Ghost is free! Ghost is free! Team Ghost wins.

For now at least, because, while Ghost’s immediate problem is solved. More loom. Tommy has been summoned to Chicago by his bosses. Kanaan’s crew has kidnapped Tariq yet again. Julio peeps Dre and Kanaan scheming. Teresi makes the reveal to Ghost that he’s Tommy’s father and literally calls in that favor. Looks like Ghost’s problems are only beginning.

Episode Highlight

When Tasha presses Tommy about Lakeisha:
“I didn’t plan on hitting it. It just happened a bunch of times.”

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