The Trans Sierra Norte. What is it you may ask? Just little a three-day enduro mountain bike race that rips through the Oaxacan highlands of Mexico. People from all around the world descend upon Oaxaca to participate. There are ups and downs totaling more than 3,000 feet of elevation.  Yet, not only is it a cardio challenge. It’s a cultural tribute. The trails are thousands of years old and were predominately used to connect local villages in Mexico and exchange goods, further making the bike event a cultural rarity.

The pay-off? Besides whipping yourself into shape and walking the path of what may be your ancestors, it culminates in Oaxaca City just in time for the fireworks that are blasting off for the Day of the Dead fiesta.

For those that can’t be a part of the festivities, a short film entitled Ride of the Dead, chronicles the journey of local trail builder Yefra Rham, who celebrates the recent death of his younger brother in a ride of a lifetime.

It’s a poignant film, which demonstrates the pride this community takes in its environments and the respect Rham has for its past. Without further ado, here is Ride of the Dead.

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