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Power aired its long-awaited series finale. The finale opens with Tasha and her latest paramour – Q…getting close for lack of a better word.  Tasha is coming on strong. Enough to make Q question her motives. Back home Tariq is reminiscing over old family photos, his sister Reina, he and family in happier times.  As it gets deeper into night, Tariq worries as Tasha has yet to return home. So, he texts her. Tasha receives it and makes a run for home base, but not before noticing a gun in Q’s drawer. More on that later…

Upon her return Tariq questions Tasha. When she reveals her plan. She told the police that Ghost killed Terry Silver. He’s going to jail. When Tariq questions her integrity as a snitch, Tasha claps back, “your daddy taught me that”. The next morning Tariq and Tasha awaken to the same announcement that got Dre, Paz, Tommy and Tate in a roar – James St. Patrick for Lt. Governor. And so, opens “Exactly As We Planned.”

Groundhog Day

We flashback to Tommy’s episode where Tariq meets Elisa Marie and her aunt in the diner. After being questioned Tariq gives Tommy the heads up. We get to see Tariq’s point of view of how things went down. Joseph Sikora steals the scene, when Tariq drops the intel on Tommy, Tommy lets out a big “fuck”, as Tariq impresses upon him the gravity of the situation Tommy says matter of factly “I know, I said ‘fuck’”.

We then flashback to Dre’s episode where Tariq meets with Dre about getting a gun. Dre will provide a piece, but he needs face time with Ghost. Initially, Tariq is not down with it but relents.

As promised Tariq brings Dre to Truth for a face to face with Ghost. It doesn’t go well, but we see Tariq plant the gun he got from Dre at Truth. Yeah, that’s kind of a big deal.

We also return to the scene where Tommy visits Tasha to kill her. More new perspective. As Tommy is about to pull the trigger it does not occur in the back as previously shown. Tommy is down for the deed face to face. When she pleads for Tommy to care for Yas and Tariq, he responds, why take care of her children when you wiped out his family. As he begs off, he tells her “your kids deserve better, even if you don’t.” Ouch.


Modern Family

We cue to Tasha back at the penthouse. The broker provides her a bag of belongings including the keys to the Escalade. Being back at the penthouse is a moment of reflection for her, as she reminisces about the family she raised there. A poignant send off, interrupted when Ghost arrives and the debate about Tariq turning himself in erupts. In which Ghost drops on Tasha the Lakeisha murder – wow, this is a lot to keep up with.

It doesn’t get any prettier from there, Tariq goes to see Ghost as requested, it’s as volatile and explosive a moment as you can imagine. Ghost gives Tariq the business. Something fans know was way overdue.  Yet it’s also touching Ghost confesses why he made his very first kill. It was because “he forced my hand”. Tears are shed and so is a lot of anger. Ghost concludes with telling Tariq “don’t force my hand son”.


As We Planned

Tariq returns home to Tasha and informs her of Ghost’s shakedown. She too shares her encounter. All is not lost as Tasha hatches a plan. Tariq is to go to the party at Truth. But stay after its done, let Tasha know when Ghost leaves. She will be waiting in the back seat of his Escalade. Nuff said.

The plan is in action, Tasha plays Q, convincing him to drive her to Truth to serve divorce papers, while swiping his gun. Yep, the one we mentioned earlier. Tariq plays the good son and goes to Ghost campaign event.


The Deed Is Done

As planned Tasha awaits in the back-loading dock of Truth. Tariq with his own plan retrieves the gun he left at the club. As she waits in the backseat of the Escalade, Tasha sees herself in the rearview mirror with a flashback to Sean. She can’t bring herself to do it and texts Tariq. As Tariq reads her text – the Ghost of Kanan arises. It’s a chronology of how far down the rabbit hole Tariq has gone. “Live by the street, die by the street” says Kanan. It’s all Tariq needs to know. He approaches Ghost and tells him “I’m you dad. And you in the way of my future. Just like you said Bries was in the way of yours” and pulls the trigger.  YES, TARIQ SHOT GHOST….


The Clean Up

As Tariq is fleeing Truth, he sees Cooper Saxe with a gun. Tariq waits it out before ditching his clothes, the weapon and anything else that can tie him to the murder. Tariq returns home to Tasha and an eerie silence.

Saxe is back, apparently Maks made a call and got Saxe his gig back. With that Saxe is back on the St. Patrick case.

We cue to the reading of Ghost’s will. Yas gets one third of the estate. Tariq two-thirds since Reina has passed. However, with a few strings. Tariq has to complete college with a 3.5 GPA, otherwise nothing. Tasha – she gets nothing. As they leave the reading of the will, enters Blanca Rodriguez. Tasha and Tariq are headed downtown. In the interrogation, Saxe tries to press Tariq when he drops the truth bomb on Saxe – meaning “I saw you that night, at Truth”. In response Tariq tells Saxe, “so it’s like I said right, Dre killed my father.” Saxe folds. Perhaps Tariq is a chip off the old Ghost block.

Apparently, so is Tasha. She knows Truth is prized possession of Simon Stern, so in return for Tariq’s entrance into his alma mater, he get’s Truth.  We cue to Tasha and Q, ending the episode the way they started it. Except the police barge in, apparently, Q is on parole and his gun is a violation. Tasha set him up. Cold blooded.  This, however, is not over.

The next day Blanca Rodriguez comes knocking on Tasha and Tariq’s door. Seems, they arrested the wrong person. You see Q, went and got himself a Red Bull at the local diner at the time of the shooting. So, he’s got an alibi – that Q is no fool.  Tasha – well she has no alibi. So, she is arrested for the murder of James St. Patrick.


End Game & Epilogue

We cure to Tasha being processed in the penitentiary. It’s powerful. All the possessions which symbolized her world are torn from her. Her world crumbling. While Tariq is beginning his first day of college, his world building. The contrast is striking. Tasha will spend the remainder of her life behind bars, while Tariq will go on to perhaps become the next – Ghost.

We then flashback to 1996. Biggie Smalls blares in the background. A young Ghost and Tommy leaving school for the day. Pressured to move weight for Kannan. When Ghost sees Angela, who tells him about Choate – a school in Connecticut. She asks him. “Jamie don’t you ever think about leaving Queens” To which young Jamie responds, “All the time”.  And so, ends Power.

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