With everything we saw last week, how could things get worse? The writers were like…hold my Henny!!! And when the henny in the system ain’t no telling!!! R.I.P BIGGIE. Now let’s get into this week’s episode “Kings Gambit”.


Never See Me Coming

The episode opens with Tariq and his “friend” Effie involved in a game of chess. She makes fun of him opening up with the “King’s Gambit”. A move that even grandmasters don’t use. It’s all fun and games until she goes “checkmate” in two moves. When Vincent texts Tariq for the re-up, the game is cut short. As Effie leaves the room, she texts someone to tell them that Tariq’s product is low. Later we see him in an old abandoned classroom where he hid some of the product. To double the weight, he cuts it with baby aspirin, but watching from the corners is Effie…sneaky sneaky!!!

Tariq makes the drop to Vincent, hoping that he doesn’t open the bottle. He doesn’t. Upon returning to Choate the Dean and Tasha pay Tariq a visit. Someone dropped dime on Tariq. Game Over!! He’s expelled.


No Money, Mo’ Problems

Tasha and Tommy are having their weekly blunt session. Tasha complains to Tommy about her money problems. Tommy offers to help out, but Tasha mistakes this as Tommy offering to launder his money through the day care. Not the case, as he is already doing that with Keisha’s salon. Tasha warns Tommy about it, but he isn’t worried.

At the daycare, Tasha is approached by Zigg who is here to collect the neighborhood fee. Yes, Tasha is in the middle of a shakedown. To get extra cash, we see Tasha at a high-end store returning clothes she brought. Keisha strolls in, and so begins all the side eye chat. After a few words Keisha walks away only with a “Bye Felicia”.

In another T&T blunt session, Tasha again unloads all the problems with Tariq and Ghost, but really is there to ask Tommy for the cash he offered earlier. That offer is off the table. Tommy explains now he can’t because of Keisha and what happened earlier. Tasha straight tells him he is “pussy-whipped” and reminds him on what happened with Holly when everything went sideways. Pissed-off Tommy, leaves her on the street, cashless and hurt. To put salt in the wound, Zigg is waiting for her and his payment in front of the daycare. Using those old hood skills, she convinces him tell here push some weight for him. By using a mother at her daycare. Tasha’s officially back in the game.


Farewell Proctor

Proctor is at home talking to his cousin Benny, when there’s a knock at the door. Warner and Saxe question Proctor about the death of his ex. While at Proctor’s Saxe ask to use the bathroom, but he really there to get the wiretap. Warner informs Proctor that the witness is still alive. Proctor now in a panic goes to meet Ghost to explain the witness situation and how it can bring them all down. But Ghost is still in his buddha mode and refuses to kill her. Proctor seeing this goes to meet with Tommy and gives him the same information knowing that Tommy will not hesitate to carry out the hit.


Later Saxe shows up to Proctor’s front door playing the wiretap. For him to get rid of the tap, he just wants to know one question – who is Angela shooter? Proctor tells him it was Tommy who shot her. Saxe, being so focused on Ghost, doesn’t believe him. Saxe gives-up on Proctor.

Knowing he now has to go into hiding, Proctor and his daughter show up to Ghost’s home to hide out. Proctor gives her a very special gift and tells her to keep it close to her.

Next, we see a shadowy figure breaking into a dark apartment, come to find out, it’s Tommy in the witness apartment. As he surveys the apartment he suddenly hears the door. In comes Saxe and the witness. Tommy hides in the closet and watches. Saxe questions her about her change in testimony and reveals how he knows Tommy is the shooter. To wit, Tommy overhears he’s been ratted out. The witness stands firm about testifying against Ghost and Tommy. Once Saxe leaves, like the boogeyman Tommy pops out and cancels Christmas on her. To insult to injury, Tommy takes the money that Ghost gave her.

Proctor gets a call from a scared Charlie, he asks where he is, and can he meet up. Proctor assures him that he’s safe with a friend in Tribeca – dummy move!! Charlie was in the trunk of 2-bits car and that’s where he will stay!!! R.I.P Charlie. Tommy calls Tariq to ask for his help to get into the penthouse. Tommy heads to Ghost penthouse in full terminator mode. Tommy destroys the penthouse in pursuit of Proctor where he corners him in Raina’s room. With seconds to spare, Proctor calls his daughter, tells her he loves her and makes his last stand. Tommy enters the room, tells Proctor – it’s been a good run, no? Then straight guns him down. R.I.P Proctor.

In an act of kindness Tariq drops Proctor’s daughter off at Benny’s, only to be picked up by Vincent. Ghost shows up to a bullet riddled house, looking for Tariq, only to receive a call from him. Simultaneously Tommy gets a text from him to meet up.

Cue to Coney Island, we see Tommy pull up.  As he steps out the car he sees Ghost. Both think they were set up. Enter Vincent and crew. Vincent tells them he has Tariq and want two million dollars in 24 hours to get him back for Tariq watering down his product.

Can Ghost and Tommy work together to save Tariq? Will Tasha become the new drug Queen B? Will Tariq learn his lesson that he’s not that smart? So many questions so little time… See you next week!!

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