This week the St. Patrick clan breaks down in more ways than one.

The Man I Want to Be

We start off with Ghost waking up from dreams of Angela. As he splashes water on his face to try to shock the system, he gets a bigger shock – the ghost of Angela, in one hell of red dress we might add.  Ghost goes on to have a full-on conversation with Angela’s ghost. Jamie is officially mentally broken. The two chat about all the things that lead up to her death by the man she loved at the hands of his brother in arms. Which leads her to the all-important question – “Why is Tommy still alive?”.  Before Ghost can answer, he gets that call from Jason on the whereabouts of that money he owes since losing to Tommy on the Jimenez job.

Cut to Tommy gloating to the crew about that very Jimenez job. Jason rewarded the victory with a bonus shipment. However, before Tommy can fully celebrate Keisha starts blowing up his phone with messages about his Momma Tommy showing up at the loft.

Over at Truth, Ghost gives Jason’s henchmen the money owed by taking some cash from Raina’s trust. He tells them that he can’t afford to keep paying him, but of course they don’t care. They unexpectedly spill the beans about the Tommy shipment later that night. Ghost hatches a plan to attack but he will need Tate to do it. Ghost meet with up with Tate to ask for this favor, Tate is suspicious of Ghost motives and tells Will to follow Ghost.

As Tommy is getting ready to pick up the next shipment, the crew is notified that the block is shut down because a gas leak (Tate’s work). But, Tommy is shrewd, he uses the ambulance from the Jimenez job to get past the traffic. However, Ghost is waiting in the cut and as he sees Tommy driving the ambulance, rams his car right into it. Ghost pops out shooting and we get a good old-fashioned shootout. It does not last long as the police pop in with a quickness, Tommy escapes, Ghost gets arrested.

Cue to Ghost being pushed into his office with Tate waiting for him. Tate soliloquies like a super-villain, reminding Ghost what kind of man Tate is, but to Ghost this is nothing but words, Ghost goes on to reminded Tate, that he is the one he should be scared of.



Forgot About Dre

Shortly thereafter, Proctor brings a special get to his meeting with Ghost…Dre!! Ghost goes ape shit and is two seconds away from killing him until Proctor unveils the plan of using Dre against the Feds to get intel on the witness against him. Ghost and Proctor set Dre with a wire for his meeting with Saxe. Dre follows Saxe after his meeting to get the address of the witness.

After a brief meeting with Jason to discuss his attempt on Tommy, Jason actually gives Ghost props – wants him back in the biz.  Ghost rebuts the offer, then heads straight back to his office to get his gun and an envelope. He jets out with Dre in tow, Dre drops a text to Saxe tell him Ghost is strapped and on the move. Ghost has Dre pretend that he is part of maintenance to get into the apartment of Maria, the witness against Ghost. Ghost walks into a crying Maria. I mean come on, wouldn’t you be balling, she knows she’s going to die, yet, smoothly and calmly Ghost gives her some options. Take the money, as he tosses her the money in the envelope and start a new life. He then leaves. Ghost and Dre drive off just missing the Feds driving up, Dre is safe for now. Saxe called Dre yelling about the failure of the sting, but he explains the how it went down. Now he has to looking for a different angle.


Proctor vs Proctor

As Saxe listens to Lindsay greatest mom’s hits via the wiretap, he realized he has nothing. He pressures her to get more on Proctor. In a panic Lindsay blurts out any info she ha and mentions the name Tommy and that he came by Proctor’s house. Proctor becomes aware that Lindsey is working with Saxe to get full custody. Backed into a corner, Proctor delivers a double whammy, somehow managing to arrange for State Bar Failure Notice to be sent to Lindsey and then tells her he’s going to propose to his secretary/girlfriend. With all this news she goes on a coke filled binge. Proctor is called by his daughter to help with her manic mom. As he arrives, she is in full on coke-head mode and explains on how she failed the bar. She is cut short as she goes into an OD seizure. Proctor is about to call 911 to help her, but as he dials, he holds stops and lets her die on the couch.  Uttering he won’t let anybody take his daughter. The camera pans out to see the Saxe’s wiretap is just step away. Proctor has now officially cross the line.


On My Own

Tasha is getting her new daycare together. When in saunters a man simply named as “Q”. A single dad looking for a daycare for his daughter. Tasha eyes him for something a little more. She asks for his number, you know just for the daycare record, and he plays along. Tasha get a call about Raina’s Trust being dissolved by Ghost and rushes down to Tate’s campaign HQ.

Tasha runs into Ramona who states Tate isn’t there. They have a real housewives chat about Ghost, the divorce and the aftermath of it. Later Ghost show up at the daycare asking about the Trust and what Tasha did with the money. As she and Ghost are talking Q walks in to give praise on the new place. Ghost stares him down like the jealous dude he if. That’s not a good look. Just ask Terry Silver.


School of Hard Knocks

Tariq gets a text from Vincent. It’s time for that re-up. With Kanan gone, Tariq has to do some dirt to get that product. He is next seen breaking into one of Kanan’s warehouse, not knowing that it is now run by Tommy. As he grabs as much drugs as he can, Tommy ’s crew pop in. Tariq hides, but as he is hiding he hears them talking about the Jimenez job. Tariq sneaks out and makes the drop to Vincent. Later we see Vincent and Tommy talking about Tommy becoming his new supplier. Vincent tells him is not looking for a new connect and fine with who he has. Tommy sees the bottle of pills and tells him that those are his drugs. UH OH!!!

Tommy forces Vincent to tell him who the connect is, Vincent plays coy, but Tommy figures it out that it’s Tariq. We know this not going to go well! Tommy heads straight to Choate to visit Tariq. Tariq now knows he has to get out, so he goes to tell Vincent. Vincent doesn’t take the news so lightly and forces Tariq to continue plus double the product. Vincent will now use Tariq to take down Ghost and Tommy, this kid is way over his head!

A lot went down this week. Looks like no chance of reconciliation for Ghost and Tommy. Will Q go the Terry Sliver route? How is Tariq going to get that weight for Vincent with his wannabe prep gangsta self?  So many more questions to be answered.

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