There been so much drama that Power had to take a week off. But we are BACK!! And this is one of the most game changing episodes of the season. Without further ado, let’s get into this episode “A Friend of the Family.”

Be Smarter… not Emotional

The episode picks up with Ghost willing to give up his freedom for Tariq. But Angela stops him with her lawyer Kung–Fu, hitting him with the questions that would send him to a death sentence. As cooler heads prevail, Ghost then hatches a plan to frame Dre for the murder of Jones. Ghost leaves to get the ball rolling, but Tasha and Angela figure out it’s better to frame a more low-profile person. Someone like…Kanan.

Ghost, Tommy and Kanan meet to talk about the recent hit on Diego where Kanan, ever so calmly says, “I have his head on ice…I’ll bring it over later.” Wait, what?! The looks on their faces was priceless. As Ghost explains his plan to set up Dre for the murder, Tommy finds a use for Diego’s head to hit Dre with the double whammy.

Back in the Halls of Injustice

The AUSA team continues to follow the Teresi lead on Ghost murdering the US Marshall in jail. Saxe and Mak decide to put the squeeze on Proctor. The newly re-licensed Proctor is summoned by Saxe and Mak for their very own version of BAD COP/WORSE COP. Proctor doesn’t crack…for now. Later we see Angela and Mak talking. Mak spills the beans about the jailhouse murder that was given up by a C.I. and they are continuing their investigation on Tommy. Proctor makes a visit to Ghost to try to get some more information about that murder, but Ghost being Ghost says nothing. Ghost is cold as ice! Proctor gets spooked and gets the recording he’s been holding onto. The next time we see him back at the AUSA office, he’s willing to flip. But not on Ghost, instead he’s rolling over on Angela. It looks like Angela’s world of lies is catching up to her …FAST!!!!

No Son of Mine

Meanwhile Kanan is giving Tariq the ABC’s of hustling, like a thugged-out Mr. Rogers just like he did with Ghost and Tommy. Meanwhile, Dre and Cristobal meet with Quinn to talking expansion and Dre opening up a new club in Paris. Kanan then meets with the Italians (Tariq is even in tow), showing him another step to hustling game. Kanan is really playing up the father role that has been left wide open by Ghost. Back on the home front after a day running with Kanan, Tariq meets with Angela and Tasha to discuss how he can help them frame Kanan. In typical Tariq fashion he throws a fit and refuses to help. Later Ghost tries to have a “Father know Best” moment with Tariq and explains to him what will happen if doesn’t help set up Dre. Later we find Kanan and Tariq strolling down memory lane in his old neighborhood in Queens. Kanan also makes this a teachable moment for Tariq. He has him move some product on the block. Tariq gets beat out of some cash by accepting some fake $20’s. Kanan then forces Tariq to get that money back where he pulls a Menace II Society move on the kids that stiffed him. Kanan, like a proud father, tells him he’s a true gangsta at heart. All of sudden, they get pulled over by the police. Kanan agrees to let the officer search his car. When he opens his trunk they find… Tasha’s gun!!

It turns out Tariq decided to help his mom after all, but this leads to a bloody shootout. Kanan goes full Rambo and kills all the cops…ALL THE COPS!!! Except Kanan doesn’t walk away unscathed. As he tries to drive away, the Beast from the East …DIES!!! from a gun shot to the stomach. Cut to Ghost and Tasha waiting at the police station for Tariq, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Everyone is pulled in for questioning, even Keisha! Keisha lies, Tariq lies, everybody lies. But they all get away with it. To top it off, Angela returns the box of evidence back to Det. Blanca Rodriguez with a smirk on her face. As Tommy is at the morgue, Ghost shows up. Kanan gets the last laugh as we see the crack in their friendship get more visible.

With only two episodes left, who will be the next character to fall? Be here next week to find out who else is might be joining Kanan. — Kanan R.I.P

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