September 25, 2021

Let the Past Be the Past…Unless It’s Part of the Present

A plethora of women from various age groups had this to say — let the past be the past. That’s because women are now much more progressive. Unlike my teenage and college years, women place less emphasis on who you’ve bedded…unless it’s a friend. “I personally don’t care what happened before me,” said Jenny, a 25-year old from Methuen, MA.

“Unless of course it is someone I know. Then I would be comfortable knowing who they were.”

If it’s a mutual friend, she has to confront the situation, and maybe your number of sexual partners. Otherwise women today are willing to date and have sex without judgment.

Entonces caballeros, the epiphany here is this: a majority of women don’t care who you’ve bedded or how many women you’ve seen naked. All that matters is whom you are sexing in the bedroom now. Or as Lorraine from Florida stated, “ I just want to be the last one.” In other words, numero uno.

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