Mayans MC again wastes no time getting to the action. This episode has kidnapping, deception and some skeletons that come creeping out of the closet. Here’s a recap of Escorpion/Dzec.

Hit Him Where It Hurts

Seems as if the rebels spoken about last week have hit the Galindo cartel where it hurts and kidnapped Miguel Galindo’s son. We find Emily kneeling on the ground next to the vehicle she was being driven home in, weeping and staring down the barrel of a Los Olvidados member’s gun. To no avail as they kidnap her son Cristobal.

The next day Emily is none too happy and now pulls a Kate Corleone telling Miguel “I know you told me to never ask about your business, but your world has crashed into mine. So now, I ask questions. And I need to know the truth, Miguel. Everything that happens.” Miguel got some cleaning up to do — with a quickness.

In the MC world there on a mission to find a man by the name of Louie, in what seems to be classic MC form they shake down a porn peddler to effectively double their take. It’s a cute moment before Galindo summons them for that clean up.

All Mayans On Deck

Miguel gives the lowdown on what went down. EZ speaks out of turn (this seems to be a trend with EZ) to inquire about Emily, but the Mayans are on the case. The younger faction of the Mayans is concerned, as this wasn’t part of the rebel assistance. EZ lets him know he spotted one of the kidnapper’s vehicles. Angel’s advice – keep quiet. EZ is clearly conflicted as its Emily’s child.

Shortly thereafter the Los Olvidados drop a viral video, basically fessing up the kidnapping and torching Galindo’s product. Emily gets wind of it and begs Miguel not to retaliate. Seeing that Galindo has no intention of fighting back, his consigliere, José, convinces Galindo’s mother to confess the origins of Miguel’s older brother, the original Cristobal. He did not die from pneumonia, like his parents had told everyone. The elder Cristóbal was used as leverage by his father’s partner to push him out of the biz. But he refused and hence met an untimely end.

Mayans Come Up Empty…Sort Of

The Mayans use EZ’s early tip to track down the getaway car, but by the time they find it, it’s abandoned. Los Olvidados clearly transferred cars and drove into Mexico. Galindo’s men are conducting their own investigation and track down a street vendor and his young son who may have seen something. The vendor cops to admitting he saw some of Galindo’s product being torched for the viral video, but no signs of his son. No matter though, in a rage Galindo pours burning grease on him, scarring him. EZ once again pops off telling him to stop treating these men like “greasy f—king peasants”. It’s a tense moment where you think either Galindo or the MC will put the smack down on EZ as a form of disciplinary action. But once Galindo departs, Bishop hugs EZ like a proud older brother.

Like Father, Like Son

After hearing the truth of what happened to his older brother Galindo decides to retaliate. Cue to Mexico where the Mayans find the bodies of the vendor and his son burned and dumped in the middle of the plaza, their mouths stuffed with Los Olvidados flyers. EZ and the MC are shook.

The episode ends with the Mayans blowing off steam at the clubhouse and EZ at his father’s butcher shop tending to errands, when Emily pays a surprise visit. She wants to know what Miguel is not telling her, and asks EZ for help. EZ tells her about the bodies in the plaza. They share a tender moment before she departs.

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