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Just seven days until MayPac. With the plethora of information on the Internet about the fight ranging from Floyd’s mouthpiece, squabbles over hotel rooms & tickets, to how much Manny will make just from wearing advertisements on his trunks, we thought it a good time to put the focus back on boxing. In particular, what makes these fighters so special. First up, Manny Paquiao, one of the greatest fighters of his generation, the man has fought wars in the ring, made fighters who were legends in their own right look like amateurs and done it all with grace and aplomb. We look at Manny Pacquiao’s greatest knockouts.

Oscar De La Hoya

It was the passing of the torch and the fight that put Pacquiao on the map. Fight and sports fans knew who Pacquiao was, however, he was not the household name that Oscar De La Hoya was. Not yet that is. Pacquiao jumped up in weight to take on De La Hoya and some feared it might have been too big a leap to face the naturally bigger De La Hoya. However, Pacquiao dismantled the Golden Boy over eight rounds. The KO was significant because it got the attention of the common fan and put the boxing world on notice that a new pound-for-pound king had arrived.

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