A few months back we published The Man Code , it was simply a collection of unspoken, yet widely known regulations that govern the behavior of men and that apply to every person that self-identifies as a man. We posted the story knowing it wasn’t an all-inclusive list and that there was much more to tell. Readers’ response confirmed this, as the overwhelming number of suggestions for additions to “the code” continue coming in. By popular demand, we bring you: The Man Code – Part II.

In-laws are BANNED from bachelor parties

Every guy knows that the entire point of a bachelor party is to relax, let loose and exorcise all those evil, wicked and demonic urges one last time before spending all of the remaining weeknights of your life on the couch being forced to watch Dancing with the Stars or something involving a Kardashian (and it sure as hell won’t be the Kim sex tape). So why in the world would you want to invite your father and/or brother-in-law to such a gathering? Getting along with the in-laws is very important, but there’ll be time for that after you take them vows. So for now leave them off the BP list and get white boy wasted. Extra tip, you will know if the in-laws identify with the code if they spare you the drama and decline your well-placed political invite.

Never buy property you can’t afford

For you single guys in the real estate market, yes, we all want to be ballers, but you have to learn how to ball on a budget. You can’t go apartment hunting in Soho just because you landed a job at the Apple store. Unlike rent, minimum wage is the same across New York regardless of the borough you work in. Double goes for those who want to buy their first house. Once you get married, the house issue will be raised as a top priority. Wifey will likely confront you with fulfilling her dream of buying a crib with the white picket fence. Know this guys — you can’t go buying a $800,000 house because you have an $80,000 a year salary on an interest-only loan from the bank thinking that if you’re always on time with the minimum payment you’ll be fine (hint, you won’t be). Do the math, learn the real-estate language and then make an educated decision. At the end of the day you just have to keep it simple and affordable.

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