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On July 1st Latinx influencers, creators, entrepreneurs and entertainment figures came together for the Hispanicize #UnidosTogether Virtual Summit.  It’s goal?  Be a force for good in the Latinx community. The half-day virtual summit provided an opportunity for community to meaningfully connect during COVID recovery. As well as participate in the important conversation surrounding Black and Brown communities.

#UnidosTogether featured a slew of roundtables, keynotes and panels addressing activism, television and film, marketing and music. The summit was hosted by TV and radio personalities Jessica Flores and Enrique Sapene. ‘LLERO was present and curated #UnidosTogether virtual summit’s highlights.

Fat Joe in Conversation

Hip hop legend Fat Joe participated in a panel moderated by television hostess and personality Julissa Bermudez. The rap icon caught the audience up on what he has been up to during quarantine. Including, his new show ‘Corona-Vision’ featuring a wide variety of guests from AOC to Chuck D to Lil Wayne, Andrew Yang, Corey Booker and many others. Yet, he and Bermudez also took advantage of the freestyle form of the panel to drop science on things beyond the business. Namely how the pandemic and protests can and should provide a realignment on what society should truly value.  The panel served as a great entry point into the day’s festivities.


The Current State of Television and Film

A wonderful cross-section of women in television and film, including Orange is the New Black actors Dascha Polanco and Diane Guerrero, One Day at a Time showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett and writer/producer of Pose, Steven Canals gathered to discuss, how the entertainment industry landscape has been forever changed by the impact of COVID-19 and BLM.  The panelists did not hold back, providing how the quarantine and protests have affected their mindset. Diane Guerrero stated that “quarantine has taught me I need to take care of myself, our health ending white supremacy, we’ve got to play the long game. But I am grateful because it helped me learn so much about my causes, I’m ready to fight and I’m glad to no longer be gas lit on a daily basis. At least now I understand where that’s coming from.”


A Conversation with John Leguizamo & Residente

One of the summit’s many highlights was “In Conversation” A panel with actor/comedian/owner of NLG John Leguizamo and Grammy Award winning musician Residente.  The panel was moderated by RaqC. And as It turns out the two have long been friends. So, the hour felt more like two homies catching up during quarantine. Each checking in on the other. Yet, it also spoke to the current times. Providing candid thoughts about the impact of COVID and BLM in Black and Brown communities and the road ahead.

However, if you think this was just getting to peep two companeros catching up think again. RaqC kept them on their toes. Of note, was eliciting a no holds barred take from John Leguizamo on the importance of voting.  Leguizamo provided a message to the audience Don’t give me that my vote don’t count bullshit – every vote counts. Register, vote, donate…better yet flip a Republican in your family”.


LatinXLNCE Awards

This year’s recipients didn’t create the latest blog or hottest podcast. They were the doctors, nurses and front-line workers caring for the neediest during the pandemic. Rosaura Quinteros, Dr. Ramon Tallaj and Dr. Yomaris Pena were honored for their heroic efforts on the front lines of COVID-19 recovery.

Round Table on Activism

It’s not every day you get to hear a civil rights icon tell it to you straight. Yet, that’s exactly what the “Roundtable on Activism” provided in the form of Dolores Huerta.  Moderated by journalist Paola Ramos, the panel featured Huerta joined by Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino, Kim Guerra of Brown Ass Bonita, actor and activist Luis Guzman and Luis Miranda Jr. The panelists will touched upon the importance of the Latinx vote in November, how the Latinx community can step up to support the BLM movement.


Here’s hoping for many more #UnidosTogether highlights in the years to come!

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