February 25, 2024

Edward James Olmos


Mexican American actor Edward James Olmos is one of the best known actors of his time who has used his talent in various ways–from portraying real life heroes like math teacher Jaime Escalante or getting projects made (film classic “American Me” was the first movie he directed).

Olmos gained fame in the 1970s for his turn as El Pachuco in “Zoot Suit” both on stage and on screen. Since then Olmos’ career has showcased the breadth of Latino stories on screens across the world. He is considered one of the pioneers of Latino Hollywood and takes his role seriously. Olmos started various organizations including the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival, the nonprofit Latino Literacy Now and Latino Public Broadcasting which funds public television programs that discuss Latino issues. Olmos is largely responsible for helping Latino men be seen and re-imagined in the public eye.

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