I Am Duran

Roberto Duran is receiving the A-List documentary treatment. Universal Pictures recently released the trailer for “I Am Duran” which tells the story of the legendary boxer – his highs, lows and highs. With over five decades in the sport there is no shortage of noteworthy moments. Yet, what makes this appear different from other sports documentaries is how the film interweaves the political upheaval in Duran’s native Panama, as well as how the fighter played a symbolic role in uplifting his countrymen.  The documentary also seems to spare no expense at getting boxing luminaries and celebrity fans to opine on their experiences with Duran or the influence he had on them. The likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stallone and Lennox Lewis are just a few who provide testimonials. “I Am Duran” is set to be released in June. Check out the trailer here.

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